Mum hits back after being ‘harshly attacked’ on social media for posting video of toddler sons kissing

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  • A mum has spoken out after critics called her ‘inappropriate’ for sharing a video of her toddler sons kissing on Instagram.

    Ashlee Muhammad posted the clip of her little boys, Jet Pharaoh and Nova Maximus, embracing while at nursery just four days ago and it quickly went viral.

    ‘All You NEED Is LOVE 🌹’, she captioned it.

    All You NEED Is LOVE 🌹@supernovaandjetman

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    While many told Ashlee that the footage was ‘beautiful’ and a display of ‘real love’, not everyone was quite so complimentary.

    One user quipped: ‘All I’m saying she could have taught them to kiss on the cheek.’

    Others were more unkind, accusing the mum of raising ‘feminine boys’.

    Totally stunned that her original post had sparked a negative reaction from some, Ashlee took to the social networking site again the following day.

    ‘I would have NEVER in a million years thought that something posted out of pure love and admiration for my children would have turned into all of this. My parenting has NEVER been attacked so harshly in MY LIFE,’ she said.

    ‘I don’t expect everyone to think what I believe is right, but I also don’t take kindly to disrespect… If this has taught me anything it’s that the world is in a more damaged and scary place then I thought. To all of you who defended [us], thank you.’

    Ashlee accompanied her powerful response with an image showing herself about to lock lips with her husband.

    Moved by Ashlee’s words, one follower praised the the mum-of-two and told her to keep her chin up.

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    ‘I’m sooo sorry to hear this. I thought it was beautiful and that’s one thing I LOVE about kids. The love they show is so pure and innocent. It’s how this world should be. But because of hate and ignorance, pure love and innocence of a child has to turn into something negative. That’s all this world can understand unfortunately,’ they said.

    ‘Notice everything beautiful turns into something horrible? All I can say is that I know you’re an Amazing mom & person and so do you and those close to you. Stay strong and keep your faith.’