Mum, you're a star

Here are three of the mums you asked Procter & Gamble to thank with a Mother's Day bouquet

Here are three of the mums you asked Procter & Gamble to thank with a Mother's Day bouquet.

Victoria Harwood, 36, from Nottingham

When I met my fiancé Simon's mother, Heidi, I was taken aback by how amazingly kind she was. Over the years, she has done so much to help me. She's taken me shopping for clothes, bought me driving lessons and taught me how to swim. She even helped pay for a holiday to Florida where I swam with dolphins. Whenever I needed help or advice with my sons, now 19 and 16, she was there for me. After I had operations to remove ovarian cysts, Simon who works in the evenings, was unable to take any time off, so Heidi took care of me. She even stayed the night in case I needed her, even though she'd been at work all day herself. She's a wonderful woman - kind and considerate - and she has been like a mother to me, so it would be great for her to be treated to a bouquet of special Thank You Mum flowers.

Stacy Gibson, 23, from Evesham

I was totally exhausted juggling life with my 11-week-old baby Shelby and my lively two-year-old Morgan. Then my friend Kirstie appeared like a fairy godmother to take Morgan out for the day with her own daughter. Not only did she return with one happy little girl, but she'd also made me a cottage pie, so I didn't have to cook. Having the chance to catch up on sleep and knowing I have a lovely friend who's always there when I need her made me feel very lucky and supported. Thank you Kirstie!

Sylvia Reed, 68, from the Wirral

I used to teach Rachel Brown (above) many years ago and she was a hugely enthusiastic, bubbly pupil who was brilliant at dancing. She went on to dance her way around the world, working on cruise ships. Rachel lived in Japan for a bit and when she came back to the Wirral she opened a Japanese restaurant. She suffered from postnatal depression after each of her three kids and discovered that exercise helped her feel better. Talking to other mums made her realise running together could help others, too, so eight months ago she started Mums to Marathons, a local running group, which now has 290 members. As bubbly and vivacious as ever, Rachel is hugely caring and does lots of fundraising for a local children's hospice. I really think her boundless enthusiasm should be rewarded.

Thank you mum!

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