Reddit mums share the silliest things that made them cry when pregnant

'I burnt my cinnamon rolls because I accidentally dozed off... cried like a baby'

Ok, first things first. Being pregnant is no doubt an amazing experience. The fact you've got a new life growing inside your belly is a wonderful thing. But the pregnancy hormones? They're not so fun.

In fact, sometimes they're so out of control, you can't help bursting into tears at the most unexpected times. Whether it's in public, on the phone, or in a restaurant when they forgot to put onions on your burger... no on can ever predict when the pregnant tears will strike.

After scouring Reddit, we've found some of the best stories from mums who have shared the strangest things that made them cry when pregnant. Trust us, they're as weird as you'd expect...

'I legit just ugly cried because I told my husband that I didn't feel like cooking. He suggested Chinese. I said Ew. pizza? And he said "How about you get pizza and I get Chinese?" And I cried. :('

'I ugly cried today because my boyfriend popped a balloon my little brother brought home from school. My brother was fine, didn't care, but I was full on bawling for about 20 minutes!'

'I cried most recently because when I went to bring a bite of sweet potato to my mouth it fell off my fork. Part of it landed on the floor and the rest on my belly and pants. I sat there crying like a moron and my husband had pity on me and cleaned up my pants and belly. I calmed down after I was clean. Not 5 minutes later I was crying again because I couldn't reach the sweet potato on the floor because my belly was in my way.'

'I burnt my cinnamon rolls because I accidentally dozed off...cried like a baby'

'Urgh I burst into tears because our brand new mattress (that I'd chosen) smelt "too new" and a bit plasticy to my super sensitive preggo nose. I cried because I couldn't sleep because of the smell. It was ugly. My husband just sat there laughing at how ridiculous it is to cry over a mattress. Thankfully my nose has calmed down and the mattress is now an acceptable level of scent.'

'My one is truly ridiculous: My train and another pulled out of my home station at the same time. They're on different lines but they run parallel for the first 3 stations. Both our trains were moving at the same speed, stopping and then starting for the next station at pretty much exactly the same time.. the synchronicity was so beautiful it made me tear up! But then when the lines split and the other train disappeared into a tunnel I suddenly started crying :'( And I was on my way to a job interview too. Guh!'

'My husband politely informed me that there was barbeque sauce on my forehead...'

'Because the spoons weren't straight in the silverware drawer. I couldn't just fix them and be done with it, either. I sat on the kitchen floor and cried for quite some time.'

'Blue Christmas lights. We were driving in December at night when I saw some shrubbery decorated with blue Christmas lights and burst into tears. I have no idea why other than the pregnancy hormones.'

'My parents live next to a lake. My mom called to inform me my dad had gone ice swimming and returned with a half dead fish he found floating around. I felt so bad for the fish I cried for almost a full hour.'

'My husband suggested that the mechanic at his work may be able to do a payment plan for us for the repairs on my hasn't happened yet, he hasn't asked, we don't know what repairs are needed. I started crying at the idea this was possible and promised to make the repair man "all the food"'.

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