Mumstrology: What does YOUR star sign say about your parenting?

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  • Whether you’re on board with astrology or more of a sceptic, you’ve probably checked your horoscope occasionally – just out of curiosity, of course.

    But one thing we can probably all agree on is that we’re always up for some parenting advice, and so the zodiac, which has for centuries been used to define key character traits and predict fates, might just be able to provide some helpful guidance.

    We spoke to top psychic and astrologer Tamara Trusseau, known as the ‘Love Goddess’, to find out what your star sign REALLY says about your parenting style (and how you can make those traits work for you!).


    Leo mums are generally very loving, affectionate and supportive. Even if you don’t have a creative career yourself, you find great satisfaction in nurturing your children’s artistic talents and encouraging alternative outlets like dance, drawing or making things at home. You love nothing more than getting out and about and learning with your kids in the great outdoors, but you can lose track of who the parent is at times!

    Remember it’s your job to guide and structure your children’s lives, so try not to let your mischievous, competitive side get the better of you. Take responsibility for your own – and your kids’ – actions, and know that life can’t be fun and games all of the time.


    Although you’d love to live more in the moment and take some more risks with your parenting, Capricorns by nature are consistent, solid and reliable and you’ve probably passed on the same diligence to your kids. But this doesn’t mean you’re boring or cold – you’re emotionally perceptive and have a knack for creating balance and harmony in even the most chaotic of households.

    Kids have a funny way of reading minds and your tendency to be over cautious and prone to pessimism can sometimes make itself known to them. There are always going to be challenging times, Capricorns, but be sure to let your family know there’s plenty to be joyful about too.


    Before you had children, you were sometimes teased for your airy, ‘que sera sera’ approach to life. Now you’re the head of your own brood, though, you can take pride in your happy-go-lucky outlook and know that your kids can thoroughly enjoy their childhood by adopting the same. Your strong family values and truly loving, sharing and cheerful disposition means kids adore you (and not just yours, either) but you sometimes feel you’re being taken for granted.

    Know that you have the right to lay down the law and teach your children respect for authority, or you might find that with age and independence they grow to be a little too wild at heart.


    You’re no stranger to family rows, Scorpio, and your household has seen some explosive ones over the years. This isn’t always a bad thing, though – your intensity and passion shows how much you care, and you are teaching your kids tenacity and how to stand their ground. You are driven by a natural strength and vitality and others can find you brilliantly inspiring.

    Yet for those who misinterpret your energy, you can also come across as intimidating. Make active decisions to chill out regularly in order to create a more comfortable home environment.


    There’s never a dull weekend or school holiday in your house, Sagittarius, because your sense of adventure and desire to explore surpasses even your children’s! You’re a strong advocate of learning ‘out in the field’, so day trips and action holidays fill your calendar wherever possible – served with a hefty dose of tidbits from your impressive bank of general knowledge!

    But your zest for life can be hard to keep up with, and you run the risk of exhausting your children and losing control of structure. Take it one day at a time, and value playtime as well as learning.


    Sociable and energetic, your fresh, contemporary approach to parenting is the envy of all the other mums. You never seemed frazzled or overworked and your patience and understanding with little ones means they’ll grow up with warmth, empathy and kindness as core traits.

    Although you can’t bank on smooth sailing all of the time, and there’s always the lurking possibility of tumultuous storms – it takes a lot to make you mad, but it does happen and you can be a little unpredictable. Try to be honest and open with your family and let them know when things are bothering you – with no knocks to your cool credentials, promise.


    Your ability to communicate and express your emotions honestly and without aggression will serve your children well – particularly if they’re boys, who often struggle to process thoughts and feelings. You’ve always got time for a deep and meaningful, and know that balance between the material and the spiritual is the key to happiness.

    But taking on the responsibility of the world can lead to feelings of guilt and anxiety when you inevitably hit some road bumps. Just keep doing the best you can, Pisces.


    Real life isn’t an Instagram feed, Virgo, and your obsession with perfectionist ideals can get in the way of you appreciating the messy, flawed life you do lead. Despite your impressive efforts to keep a clean house, fill your kids with good food and encourage a healthy lifestyle, it’s not always possible and you shouldn’t let that get you down. Prioritise meaning over method and you’ll find you take more pleasure in the little things.

    But your attention to detail extends to your relationships with your children and you’re incredibly caring and committed. Embrace imperfections – spillages, paint smears and muddy paw prints – and remember, you can always slap a filter on it.


    Home is where the heart is, Cancer, and your family is your world. You’re the comforting kind, and there’s always a space on your lap for a little one. Your strong maternal instinct and nurturing nature guides your parenting, and as such you can struggle with being overprotective.

    As your kids grow up they won’t thank you for stifling their independence, so start trying to identify some ways you could take a step back. The world can be a scary place, but wrapping your kids in cotton wool might stop them from being able to see how brilliant it is, too.


    You’re known for your inconsistencies and being unpredictable, but it’s fun to keep life interesting, right? For the most part, you’re an optimist, with an open-mindedness and curiosity that translates to thought-provoking conversations and interesting insights. Your kids are growing up with strong opinions, but more importantly, ones that are well informed, too.

    However, it’s important to remember your audience, Gemini – what might work over a bottle of red after work doesn’t always go down great with a 10-year-old or a grumpy husband. Watching the evening news and family meal times can be fraught with opportunity for ‘healthy’ debate, so watch out for warning signs if others don’t want to engage.


    ‘Mend and make do’ was probably coined by a Taurus, as you’re extremely resourceful and eternally devoted to making the best of a bad lot in any situation. Though you like to think of yourself of yourself as chilled out, you rely on strong values both in and outside the home. You’re determined to see your kids succeed, and can be quite strict with them – although the savviness they learn from you will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

    Endlessly supportive and reassuring, you’ll be your children’s biggest cheerleader well into adulthood – they may not always make the decisions you would have done, but it’s their life to lead and you respect them fully.


    Though your kids may bemoan you for being ‘so unfaaaiiiir’, you’ve actually got an admirably even hand and masterful control on putting your foot down. You’re instilling a strong sense of right and wrong, and mature decision making from young age will allow them to become independent thinkers maybe before you’re even ready. You understand the importance of doing well in school, but raising well rounded, thoughtful children is top of your parenting priorities.

    Although, you’re not always right, Aries, and you can struggle to understand differing view points. Teach your kids to listen and understand, before they engage.