12 things NEVER to say to a stay at home mum

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  • Being a mum is a full time job. It lasts for life with no pay and is pretty much 24-7.

    Whether you’re a stay at home mum or you went back to work, the important thing is that it’s your decision and no one else’s. That said, there are certain questions that some people seem to have for stay at home mums in particular – debating their child’s social skills, for instance, or asking them how they actually fill their days (as if they’d last 24 hours in a stay at home mum’s shoes…)

    Here are the things that you should never say to a stay at home mum. Never. Not once. Not even just to see.

    Any of these sound familiar?

    1. ‘If your children don’t go to nursery, they won’t know how to share’

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    Because you can’t possibly teach children how to share outside of nursery. Also, how many toddlers do you know who already know how to share perfectly BECAUSE they went to nursery? Not many, we’d wager.

    2. ‘I’d be worried about my child’s social skills…’

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    Trips to the park, play dates, siblings, birthday parties… there are other ways of being social than have to just having to pay for childcare.

    3. ‘When are you going back to work?’

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    If a stay at home mum want to go back to work, then great. But if they want to spend that time looking after their children rather than working, that’s just as inspiring and empowering. Back up with the pressure, people.

    4. ‘So you’re a “lady of leisure”?’

    Image: Moonrise Kingdom
    Come and spend a day in my shoes, then we’ll chat.

    5. ‘It’s not as hard as a real job though, is it?’

    Image: Apatow Productions
    Well, that depends if you count being a chauffeur, a nurse, a chef, a cleaner, a teacher and about the million other jobs mums do every 24 hours as a real job?

    6. ‘If your kids are at school what do you actually do all day?’

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    Oh you know, getting them up and ready for school all at the same time, driving to school, looking after them when they’re ill, all the cleaning, cooking, errands, after school activities, helping with homework. Apart from that, you know, not much.

    7. ‘But childcare doesn’t cost that much’

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    Says the person who has somehow managed to put their child into a nursery in the early 1980s, clearly.

    8. ‘It must put your partner under a lot of pressure to provide for both of you’

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    Staying at home to care for children is a joint decision, and SAHMs contribute a whole lot more than money.

    9. ‘I’d be bored with all that free time you have’

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    Looking after children is full time, not free time. Did you mishear?

    10. ‘So have you just given up on a career now?’

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    None. Of. Your. Business.

    11. ‘I wish I had it as easy as you’

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    Just because you’re at home, does not mean it’s easy.

    12. ‘Your house isn’t as tidy as I’d have expected for a stay at home mum’

    Image: Disney and Pixar/ via Giphy
    If you want to try and keep it clean whilst feeding, clothing and entertaining this lot, be our guest…