Gooseberry Planet: The new online safeguarding app that is revolutionising how children learn

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  • A new app has been created to teach school children about the dangers of the internet.

    Although the technology that our children are able to use these days is incredible, this evolution also brings about exposure to dangers such as cyberbullying and sexualization.

    It’s long since been recognised that children need safeguarding against these dangers and teaching about the negative aspects of spending too much time online.

    Up until this point, online safeguarding has had a limited place on the school curriculum but a new app called Gooseberry Planet has an innovative new concept that could change this.

    Gooseberry Planet recognises that it’s now the teachers role to educate children and their parents on how to use the internet safely. That’s why they have created software that can educate children through an interactive game, which both teachers and parents can view and be involved in alongside them.

    The child plays and continues to learn through a gamification method, encouraging them to keep going through the learning material. Their teacher can use a monitoring system to check on their progress and the parents can view their child’s performance.

    The game works by putting the student in real life situations and progressing them based on their reactions to teach them consequences. There’s even a work book to work alongside the game to reinforce learnings and open up a conversation between the student, teacher and class.

    Gooseberry Planet covers hard hitting topics such as webcams, click jacking, grooming and online bullying. There are different stages for different ages, progressing the older you get, which the teacher controls.

    As students play in class, their teacher can continue to monitor them and assess the decisions that they’re making, potentially zoning in on vulnerable behaviour. Equally parents can view their child’s progress and tap into unique resources with parenting advice and tips. There’s a whole host of videos and guides available to help parents navigate through teaching their child about being safe online.

    So far the feedback has been hugely positive with students that have played the game commenting, ‘The game is great and taught me things I didn’t know’ and ‘We love collecting stars and prizes’.


    What do you think? Does the Gooseberry Planet app sound like something you’d like in your child’s school?