This woman adopted a terminally-ill dog to give him the best last days ever

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  • Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    Animal lovers, prepare to have your hearts officially melted.

    When Nicole Elliott spotted Chester at a local animal shelter, she just couldn’t bear to leave him behind.

    Despite knowing that Chester has terminal cancer, Nicole decided to bring the adorable pup home and spoil him rotten for as long as possible, and give him the best send-off she can – and so far, Chester’s had quite the adventure.

    So far, the little chap has had his own personal hot dog…

    Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    … and ice cream…

    Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    ..gone to the beach…

    Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    …and had plenty of long car rides…

    Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    …and naps.

    Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    He’s even been having baths for the ultimate spa experience!

    Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    ‘I am trying to give him normal doggy experiences that he may have never had the chance to do before, and a ton of spoiling,’ Nicole told her local news station. ‘He has no different needs medically since his status is terminal. There is no estimate on time that I will be blessed with Chester, but he still has very perky moments and he loves to terrorize my kitties. He doesn’t seem to be in much pain, but he is slow due to his age.’

    ‘As long as we keep his pain at bay, and he keeps eating and drinking, then he will hopefully be home until the end.’

    Nicole provides Chester’s 72,000 fans with regular updates on her Facebook page, called ‘Chester’s Final Journey’ – and although he has his ups and downs, the little man is currently as well as can be for his condition, and looks like he’s having the time of his life.

    She has also set up a donation page for Animal Ark rescue, a non profit organization in Columbus, GA. ‘They are the ones who saved Chester from the high kill animal control,’ Nicole explains on the page. ‘With out their love and compassion for Chester he would not be on his Journey right now.’

    If you would like to donate and support other dogs like Chester, visit Chester’s page.

    Image: Facebook/Chester’s Final Journey

    We can’t wait to see what else this gorgeous guy manages to squeeze into his life – and what an inspiration Nicole is for helping him live the rest of his days to the fullest.