15 times shopping online turned out to be a VERY bad idea…

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  • Online shopping is a gift to humanity. You can buy anything you want without even leaving your living room or changing out of pyjamas.

    Need a new pair of jeans? Done. A crate of wine? No problem. A good night’s sleep? Well ok, you can’t buy everything

    But even though online shopping has gotten us out of some sticky situations, (we’ve all forgotten the occasional birthday and prayed for next day delivery) and can make Christmas shopping so much easier, it can go wrong. And when online shopping goes wrong, it goes very, very wrong.

    Here are some of our favourite times online shoppers didn’t get exactly what they were hoping for.

    1. This mum who splashed ยฃ300 on a ‘dream dress’ for her daughter’s prom, and didn’t quite get what she’d asked for

    2. This doormat, that turned out to be nothing more than a picture on a piece of foam

    3. This girl, who thought she had bought cute pyjamas… then looked closer to find out they were a bit more raunchy than she was expecting

    4. The man who forgot the importance of checking sizes before you buy


    Rule: If it’s ridiculously cheap, it’s probably for a dolls house.

    5. The same can be said for this chest of drawers


    6. When someone clearly didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘subtle’

    Surprises are overrated anyway.

    7. The beautiful bouquet of flowers that turned out very different

    Just look at those flower lion eyes. It actually looks like it’s in pain.

    8. Or this bouquet of flowers that went slightly wrong

    Who needs daffodils to decorate a spring kitchen when you could just use spring onions?

    9. Clothes shopping is the most risky to do online. It looks like this mum will have a tough time getting into her cool new trousers

    10. While these look more like flippers than jeans


    11. These boots weren’t exactly what they were hoping for either

    12. Even when you’re shopping online, why is it clothes always seem to look better on the model?


    13. On the plus side, if your online order isn’t right, it can sometimes be turned into a cute outfit for your pets

    Image: Amazon

    14. Especially cats

    15. This mum won’t be relaxing in these deckchairs any time soon

    Maybe next time we’ll actually leave the house when we go shopping…

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