‘It’s been hard’ Paloma Faith reveals why she resented her partner after giving birth

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  • Paloma Faith has opened up about adjusting to life as a family of three, giving an honest account of how having a child has affected her relationship.

    The singer says she resented her partner, artist Leyman Lahcine, following the birth of their first child together.

    Paloma gave birth 14 months ago and has decided to keep the name and gender of her little-one private.

    In an interview with You Magazine, she confessed that she struggled with the fact that Leyman couldn’t relate to, or properly understand, what she had been through.

    Happy valentines to the love of my life

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    Paloma posted this sweet message to Leyman on Valentine’s Day

    She said: ‘After you’ve given birth, it’s really difficult not to resent your partner. They cannot do what you’ve just done and they cannot help you for ages because the baby just wants you.

    ‘It’s been hard to adjust [to becoming a family of three].’

    Paloma also admitted: ‘Having a baby is the most difficult thing I’ve done. Everything that could go wrong did: I had an emergency caesarean section, then I developed an infection in my womb and was in bed for three months.’

    She continued: ‘I felt very disappointed – I’d wanted a baby for so long, but in those early weeks I felt as though I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be. Not enough people talk about how hard childbirth can be because they worry it might undermine the love they have for their child.

    ‘I found it a living hell, yet it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’d love to do it again.’

    Like many new mums Paloma found herself waking in the night in a panic and heading to forum sites to see if she was doing everything right.

    She revealed: ‘I’d be searching things like, “My baby keeps pushing the breast away – why?”, while my boyfriend snored beside me.’

    The 36-year-old also said she’s in no rush to wed Leyman, as she joked: ‘I’m stuck with him now – I’ve got his kid!’

    Though the singer did say she might consider it in her seventies ‘to spice things up’.