‘It’s a bit touch and go’ – Peter Andre’s wife Emily MacDonagh reveals baby could be three weeks early

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  • Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh have been speaking out about their predictions that their baby could be arriving early.

    Peter and Emily are expecting their second child together in December, but the junior doctor has said she thinks their baby will arrive early.

    Peter has already put his foot down and had stopped the pair going to The Pride of Britain Awards this year, and now Emily has revealed what her mother’s instinct is telling her about the due date.

    Speaking to New! magazine Pete said, ‘It’s a bit touch and go with Ems at the moment, so I couldn’t risk us being there in case she went into labour. I’ve got a very strong feeling this baby is coming early.’

    Although the baby isn’t due until mid December, Emily thinks she could be meeting her little one a lot sooner than planned.

    Speaking exclusively to OK! magazine, Emily said, ‘I’m due mid-December but I had Millie three weeks early, so it could come in six weeks’ time.

    ‘I could also end up having the baby really close to Christmas. We’re just going to make sure we’re super-organised for whenever the baby arrives.’

    The mum of one also spilled details on her painful pregnancy side effects, including eczema.

    ‘I do have reflux and I’ve developed eczema, I can’t wear anything that’s not cotton, otherwise I come up in a rash. Then there’s the restless legs…’

    This isn’t the first time Emily has had indications that her baby might come early. Speaking to OK! magazine previously, Emily said: ‘I had to go to the hospital two weeks ago because I’m having contractions already, which makes me think this baby could come early like Amelia.

    ‘I rang my mum [who is a paediatrician] and said they were happening every two minutes. I thought she would say it was fine but she told me to go to the hospital.’

    Emily added: ‘They hooked me up to a monitor. The doctors don’t know why I’m having them, but the baby is happy, healthy and moving around.’ The couple’s first daughter Amelia, now two, arrived three weeks early, and if their second child arrives at the same time as their big sister, the couple have just six weeks to prepare!

    Emily and Peter are preparing for their baby to arrive early

    Just a week before, Emily gave fans a first look at her baby bump, with Peter taking to Instagram to share his own video of his pregnant wife too!

    Emily was using her mum-to-be status for a good cause by teaming up with Boots to encourage pregnant women to take advantage of their free flu vaccinations.

    Peter later posted a sweet video on his Instagram account telling his followers that his wife Emily had just had her free flu vaccination, and encouraged other mums-to-be to do the same.

    Introducing the glowing Emily as a ‘lovely lady’ he signed off the video asking her to get her bump out – which she did!

    This lovely lady…….. @BootsUK #spon

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    Wearing a flattering green dress, Emily looked every bit the glowing mum-to-be in the recent pictures.

    Reality star Pete originally revealed the baby news on his Instagram, telling friends, family and fans that he was going to be a dad again! On all his social media accounts proud Pete uploaded a picture of their first baby scan.

    OMG dad to be AGAIN :))) Brilliant. So so happy😀😀🍼

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    ‘OMG dad to be AGAIN :))) Brilliant. So so happy,’ he told his 340K Instagram followers.

    However, some fans were quick to question one particular detail on the image, which lists Emily’s full name as Emily Elizabeth Andrea, rather than Andre.

    ‘Congrats didn’t realise the surname wasn’t Andre tho.. Interesting’, one fan commented, to which another explained ‘Andre is just a ‘stage’ name, his real name is Andrea’. Mystery solved!

    43-year-old Pete is already a dad to three little ones. He has Junior, 10, and Princess, eight, from his relationship with Katie Price, and his latest little one Amelia, who he had with Emily in 2014.

    Peter has never been shy about his wishes to make his family even bigger, having often spoken about his hopes for more children – although he admitted that Emily has the last word when it comes to babies!

    In an interview with OK! magazine earlier this year, the Mysterious Girl singer admitted that he would like to have another child by the end of the year – and it looks like his dreams have come true.

    ‘I’d love to have another by the end of the year,’ he said. ‘Ems just has to say when and I’m ready to go!

    ‘The time will come. It’s got to fit around Ems, too.’

    And apparently he’s not the only one who’s keen to add to the Andre brood, as the soon-to-be dad of four revealed the Junior and Princess want another sibling, too. In response to their question Pete says he’s, ‘just like, “Listen, you just concentrate on your homework and Dad will let you know when you need to know!”‘

    Congratulations to Pete and Emily – what lovely news!