14 times Phillip Schofield was a king amongst television presenters

There are so many reasons to love the Schofe...

Everyone loves Philip Schofield.

The silver fox has been on our screens - mainly as a presenter on This Morning - for over 10 years, and never fails to brighten up our day.

From his hysterical fits of giggles, to being able to find an innuendo in just about anything, here are some of Philip Schofield's absolute best moments.

We love The Schofe!

1. When he put his head in a box of bugs and handled it like an absolute pro

Ferne McCann was meant to brave the challenge to help her conquer her fear of spiders, but pulled out at the last minute. Cue Philip Schofield to take up the challenge like the true hero he is.

2. When he had the BEST comeback after Katie Hopkins said she didn't like children named after places

Image: ITV/ This Morning/ Tumblr Phillip saying: 'Your child's called India' will go down in This Morning history.

3. When they welcomed puppy Luna to the This Morning team, and she took a shine to Philip's face

He's a natural with animals.

4. When he wasn't afraid of a boozy morning

Because it's never too early for a drink, right?

5. When he and Holly got a classic case of the giggles after a member of the crew made told a very cheeky story

Apparently it was too rude to tell on TV, but that didn't stop Holly and Phil tearing up with with laughter.

6. Of course, we can't forget when he infamously presented the show after a BIG night out

Wearing last night's clothes, after winning a TV Choice award, Holly and Phil looked a little worse for wear. But they managed to make it though the whole show... what a pair of troupers!

7. When he could make anything seem rude... even mushrooms

Image: ITV/This Morning/Tumblr Once you've seen it, you can't un-see it!

8. When he showed us he was a true gentleman

Image: ITV/This Morning via Tumblr Well, who wouldn't love to get flowers from Phil?

9. When he had his face made out of chocolate and it was uncanny

Pure chocolatey beauty.

10. With the help of Amanda Holden, he created the iconic spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp

To be fair, what else are you meant to do with all that pasta?

11. When he got a bit confused using pads to make bunny ears

Image: ITV/This Morning/YouTube He also got his fingers stuck to them. Bless him.

12. When he went a little bit overboard with the Valentine's Day chocolates

Image: ITV/This Morning/YouTube We've all been there...

13. When he managed to make Easter Eggs a little bit cheeky

Image: ITV/This Morning/YouTube Oh Phillip Schofield, what would This Morning be without you?

14. And when he proved that he and Holly are best friends for life by going on holiday together... complete with matching t-shirts.

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Showing us that they're not just co-presenters, but also true BFFs. Awww.

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