11 times the horror that is a ‘poonami’ happened to parents

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  • Okay, let’s just say it. Babies poo a LOT. And sometimes you’re just not ready for it.

    Either your baby decides it’s time to go at the one time they’re not wearing a nappy, or the nappies can’t control the sheer amount coming from such a little person.

    These tidal waves of baby poo are known by another name. The ‘poonami’. No one knows when one is going to hit, and no one is ready when it does. But when a poonami does strike, nappies can explode and parents are left washing clothes and furniture for what feels like forever.

    And it can happen to anyone. Every parent will know that sometimes nappies just fail to do their job, or your baby decides it needs to go at the most unfortunate time.

    So, to show that very real side of parenting, we’ve rounded up some of best images showing that no one is ever ready for the ‘poonami’.

    1. The mother who didn’t even have a nappy to protect herself when her baby let loose

    2. This poor mum, who suffered two poonamis in one day

    3. The nappy that didn’t stand a chance

    4. And the mum who will be washing poo out of her clothes for a while

    5. The optimistic dad who’s still smiling despite this mega ‘poonami’

    Happy Saturday !!! #poonami #lol #family #dadproblems @ivannakuruc @lisavonn

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    6. While this poor dad had the double whammy: trying to deal with an exploding nappy, only to get weed on at the same time


    7. On first glance you miss this ‘poonami’. Then you look again…

    8. The dad who’s just had enough

    9. The baby who doesn’t even seem to notice they chaos they have caused

    So this is what's happening here this morning #explodapoo #poonami #babiesofinstagram

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    10. This poor mum who didn’t even know she had been pooped on before going out

    11. No member of the family is safe when a ‘poonami’ hits

    Have you ever experiences the horror that is a ‘poonami’? Let us know in the comments below!