Picture of pregnant singer Pink drinking coffee in front of a microwave sparks major debate

'Three doctors told me coffee is coffee, decaf or not…'

A picture of Pink drinking decaf coffee has sparked major debate amongst her followers.

The singer, who is currently expecting her second child, shared a snap of herself sitting on the floor in front of a microwave, holding a cup. She wrote alongside: 'When microwaving your decaf coffee becomes an excuse to sit on the floor and rest for a while.... #help #reststop #illjustbehereifyouneedme'

However, whilst most comments were complimentary of both Pink and her notably gorgeous kitchen, a few others had more negative things to say.

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'Ur not supposed to be drinking coffee when ur pregnant,' one wrote, and when The Today Show shared the picture to their Facebook page, another added: 'Three doctors told me coffee is coffee, decaf or not…Feeding addictive stimulants to an unborn baby. Well, that's your choice…I just stayed away from anything that may disturb my baby's growth. A very worthwhile price so my baby can grow healthy and free of my not so healthy choices. My babies were so worth it. They come first, always. Hey, no ones place to judge. (Well, no one that doesn't know you.) That's your choice, and yours alone.'

Others criticised her use of the microwave, saying: 'Please don't stand in front of microwave with baby belly :)' and 'Ooo no microwaving in plastic! Esp when preg!'

'Please don't sit to close to the microwave the radiation can harm your baby. Luv you and can't wait to see your new addition! All the best!!' one said.

'It's one thing that she's drinking coffee but the second thing is that she microwaves which kills all and everything in the milk if she uses milk is not good for the baby,' another wrote on the Today Show's post.

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Pink, who is already mum to daughter Willow, five, with husband Carey Hart, has not yet commented on the controversy, but plenty of her 1.1 million followers have jumped to her defence.

'Drink the damn coffee. Good lord, sanctimommies, get a grip! Or a hobby!' one advised, and another said: 'People really need to calm down! You have a beautiful, pregnant, exhausted mama trying to catch a moment to herself! We should all understand that! You are beautiful @pink'

'35 weeks pregnant with a 3 year old....no judgement here!!' a third echoed. 'Man Just drink whatever coffee you want!!!'

According to the NHS, 'If you're pregnant, you should limit the amount of caffeine you have to 200 milligrams (mg) a day – the equivalent of two mugs of instant coffee.'


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