9 reasons why CBeebies' Mr Tumble is a TOTAL sex god (and we're not afraid to admit it)

Hey, don't pretend you haven't thought about it

We all know how it feels to want to strangle an igglepiggle or a talking giraffe.

And we can all agree there's a million ways we'd rather spend an afternoon than stuck on the sofa watching episodes of Dinopaws we've seen a hundred times before.

It's for this reason that it's so important to appreciate life's little pleasures - and one such pleasure, we've decided, is catching Mr Tumble's slot on long-running CBeebies favourite, Something Special.

Mr Tumble is an unlikely crush, perhaps, but a quick Google search tells us that we're not alone - there's quite the market for the childrens' telly heartthrob, from his kooky costumes to his masterful childcare capabilities.

We've rounded up some of the top reasons why a fumble with Mr Tumble is top of our to-do list - and now we've owned up to it, you can too, right?

1. He's good with his hands

Image: Cbeebies He's master of Makaton, a super-complex sign-language system designed for people with communicative troubles. And with cognitive prowess like that...

2. He can pull off a waistcoat like no one else

Image: Cbeebies And we'd love to pull off that waistcoat.

3. He's great with kids

Image: Cbeebies Imagine, a man who volunteers his childcare services, rather than reluctantly complying with our desperate requests.

4. He's got a nice gaff

Image: Cbeebies Could do with a more muted palette and some nice decorative cushions, but period features like that have some real potential.

5. He'd be great at role-play

Image: Cbeebies All that seamless transitioning between such versatile and challenging characters, he'd make a great sexy police officer...

6. Lord Tumble is a bit of a sass pot

Image: Cbeebies We love a man who knows what he wants. Plus, who doesn't want to bag a Lord?

7. He's a bit of a bad boy

Image: Cbeebies No, seriously. Remember when the show got suspended, because Mr. Tumble didn't have a CRB certificate in his own name? No? Google it.

8. He's got an MBE

Image: Cbeebies That would definitely impress all the other mums at the school gates if we had him on our arm....

9. And he's got a heart of gold

Image: Cbeebies Our kids love him, and so we love him too.

Basically, he had us at 'Hello' (Hello, How Are You?...).


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