Sainsbury’s launch their heart-warming Christmas advert featuring the voice of James Cordon

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  • Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s have just launched their Christmas advert for 2016 and we can confirm it’s absolutely lovely!

    This year Sainsbury’s have chosen a beautiful stop motion animation style to portray the story of their Christmas advert, which sees Dave, a dad of two, struggling to make time for everything he needs to do at Christmas.

    It seems like the supermarket have pulled out all the stops, creating a festive sound track to narrate the story, written especially for the advert and performed by funny man James Corden.

    The advert begins with our family man noticing how at Christmas everything becomes more hectic, whether it’s his train to work getting delayed or rushing to the shops only to realise there’s a ‘queue for the queue’.

    Described as ‘hard-working and devoted’ by the creators of the advert, Dave is seen to be working late at the Toy Factory where he is a manager and gets tied up at the office, only to get home and realise his children have already gone to bed.

    As Christmas comes around on, Dave gets wrapped up in classic seasonal situations such as the office party where ‘the boss is twerking’ and is still rushing around, struggling to find ‘the greatest gift I can give my family’.

    Until one night he comes home and sees his children have made little ginger bread men that look like him, presumably because he couldn’t be there to join in.

    That’s when Dave has his epiphany – if he uses his toy making skills to create some little helpers he can give his family the best gift of all – his time!

    Once his little toy helpers are up and running, Dave is free to play games with his family, decorate the Christmas tree and dance with his wife reminding us all that ‘the greatest gift that I can give is me’.

    The advert ends showing families from all over town having Christmas dinner together and enjoying what Christmas is really about – spending time with family and friends.

    What a lovely message from Sainsbury’s!