Couple whose pregnancy announcement went viral suffer miscarriage

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  • A couple whose pregnancy announcement went viral have released another video saying that they have suffered a miscarriage.

    Sam and Nia run a popular family YouTube channel, and were thrilled to share news of their pregnancy with their third child with their viewers, in a video where Sam made history by telling Nia she was pregnant before she even knew.

    The video went viral, with more than 10 million views, but sadly, they have revealed in another film that Nia has lost the baby they were expecting.

    The couple say that the original announcement was a huge celebration, and the miscarriage ‘just hit us like a bomb’. In the emotional 4-minute video, Nia tells viewers that she ‘felt empty’, and ‘that’s the hardest part, just knowing that it’s really gone.’ Sam says that they’re ‘so hurt, but so thankful that God used them like this,’ whilst Nia wishes she had taken a pregnancy test earlier so she had more time to bond with their baby, who they believe was a girl.

    They say that the video was getting so big, and they never imagined this would happen, but the tragedy and their grief has brought them closer, and made them appreciate their children more.

    The original video, which went viral just a few days ago, opens with Sam telling his audience that he’s got ‘big plans’ for the morning, saying that he’s always dreamt of being able to tell Nia that she’s pregnant before she even knows herself – and today might just be that day.

    ‘Last night at 1:30am while I was at work she randomly text me and said that she’s two weeks late,’ he says.

    He then explains that Nia has a bladder ‘the size of a golf ball’ – she’s always getting up to use the toilet in the night, and she doesn’t flush it because she doesn’t want to wake the baby. This gives Sam his prime opportunity to take a pregnancy test without Nia being present.

    Whilst he admits that it might not be 100% accurate as Nia’s ‘sample’ will be diluted, he uses a pipette to transfer it to the pregnancy test, and, lo and behold, there are two pink lines, and he can barely contain his excitement!

    He then walks into the kitchen, where Nia is preparing breakfast for their son and daughter, and she can tell something is up.

    ‘You’re a butthead sometimes’, she laughs, unable to figure out why he’s filming her on a random morning. ‘What in the world?!’

    Then Sam begins dropping hints.

    ‘Are you getting wine for us?’ he quips. ‘No, I’m not getting wine, I’m getting jelly for our biscuits,’ she replies.

    ‘Oh that’s right, you can’t have wine. Why don’t you make a baloney sandwich honey?’ he continues, and her confusion is even stronger. ‘Baloney?!’

    Then the penny drops, and she instantly dismisses Sam’s teasing. ‘He’s full of it, guys,’ she tells the camera. ‘He don’t know what he’s talking about.’

    ‘I don’t?’ he asks, raising his eyebrows.

    Nia then tells him that they’re not going to announce anything like this, they don’t even know yet. ‘I haven’t even taken a pregnancy test, and still really feel like I’m going to start my period,’ she says.

    Sam then runs to the bathroom and puts the pregnancy test that HE has taken into his pocket, and then asks Nia to take it out.

    ‘You’re so funny! You brought a positive one home?!’ she exclaims. ‘You’re such a dork!’

    ‘No, it’s true!’ he tells her, but she rolls her eyes. ‘You’re pregnant?’

    The kids, who have been listening to the whole conversation, then get involved.

    ‘You’re pregnant Daddy?’ their little girl asks. ‘Daddy, only mommys get pregnant!’

    Nia tries to tell the camera it’s a joke, but as Sam says, ‘the joke’s on you’, as he tells her finally, ‘you’re pregnant.’

    ‘What did you DO?!’ Nia asks him, and then all of a sudden she figures out his plan. ‘Are you SERIOUS?!’ she repeats. ‘Are you 100% serious?! I had all these plans to tell Sam when I found out, this is so unfair!’

    Once the news sinks in, they tell the kids, who are just as excited.

    The video ends with the couple taking one more test, just to be sure, but the pink lines are there again.

    Watch Sam and Nia’s pregnancy announcement in full

    Our thoughts are with the family as they come to terms with their loss.