Sam Faiers explains why her babies are always dressed ‘in white sleepsuits’

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  • Sam Faiers is no stranger to receiving hundreds of comments online when she posts pictures of her babies, and the devoted mum of two also isn’t afraid to defend any of her parenting decisions that are challenged by critical followers and fans.

    In her most recent Instagram picture, the proud mama shared a sweet snap of her baby girl Rosie smiling gleefully at the camera. As she often does with photos of her everyday life as a parent, Sam captioned the photo with her tips for other mums and favourite finds for making mum-life a bit easier.

    [instagram][/instagram]’Good evening mummy’s instagram’ Sam captioned the adorable photo. ‘Ps for those who ask, I get my towelling sleep suits from mothercare, also John Lewis do lovely organic cotton white sleepsuits.’

    While many of Sam’s fans gushed over the photo, the picture prompted one fan to question why Sam’s kids always seem to be ‘in white/sleepsuits.’

    ‘I don’t mean this in any negative way, it’s just a question… I’ve only ever seen pictures of your children in white/sleepsuits. How come you don’t dress them in colour?’ questioned the curious fan.

    [instagram][/instagram]’I do,’ Sam responded to the fan’s question, ‘it’s just we are home most the time and I like them to just be in comfy soft clothes. These are my fav.’

    Appreciative of Sam’s response and understanding her reasoning for the decision he fan replied, ‘Ahh fair enough, I understand with having an 8 month old. Don’t think I’ve seen towelled sleepsuits.’

    [instagram][/instagram]Many of Sam’s other followers also defended the star’s decision, and could relate.

    ‘Can’t beat babies in all white’ wrote one fan, with another adding, ‘Also a fan of mothercare’s towelling sleep suits! My little one is 9 months old and still wears them.’

    John Lewis sell long sleeve organic cotton sleepsuits in a five pack for between £15-£16. Mothercare ‘My First White Terry Sleepsuit’ comes in a three pack for £12.

    Sam so often gets questions about her ‘dos and don’ts’ of parenting that the star is now even considering holding a live Q&A with her fans online.

    ‘I was thinking about doing a instagram live Q&A soon? I can talk about my birth, breastfeeding, what I do & don’t do?’ Sam announced. ‘What do you think? It would be nice to answer your questions as I get a lot of dm’s ‘ she explained. So make sure to follow Sam on Instagram if you want to ask the star any questions in future!