Parents receive letter stating their kid’s Wonder Woman lunchbox is too VIOLENT for school

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  • A school has written a letter home to parents expressing concerns that their child’s lunchbox was too violent for school.

    Now, we’re all for school rules (well, most of them), but we reckon this one might have taken things just a little bit too far…

    The lunchbox, which features the iconic comic book heroine, Wonder Woman, was banned from school after teachers deemed it to be too violent.

    The pictures, which were posted on social networking forum Reddit, by user twines18, were captioned:

    ‘Letter a friend of mine’s daughter received from school today. Her Wonder Woman lunchbox features a violent super hero that does not comply with the school’s dress code.’

    Pictures of the letter and offending lunchbox posted online have attracted hundreds of comments 

    Image: Reddit/twines18

    The letter read:

    ‘Dear Daniel and Sarah,

    We noticed that Laura has a Wonder Woman lunchbox that features a super hero image.

    In keeping with the dress code of the school, we must ask that she not bring this to school.

    The dress code we have established requests that children not bring violent images into the building in any fashion… We have defined “violent characters” as those who solve problems using violence. Super heroes fall into that category.

    Your cooperation with our dress code will be appreciated.’

    The post has received hundreds of comments, with many shocked that the character had been banned.

    One wrote: ‘An elementary school that doesn’t allow pictures of super heroes? They must send 30 of these letters the first week of each year.’

    While another said: ‘What about the Peanuts lunchbox I had when I was a kid. Remember all those times Lucy threatened to sock Charlie Brown in the nose?’

    Some even called into question whether Wonder Woman’s clothing was the real reason the lunchbox had been banned: ‘I thought it was because of the way wonder woman was dressed till I reread the title,’ said one.

    Another wrote: ‘What? It’s just a Woman lunchbox. You got something against women now!?’

    Has the world gone mad? Well, yes, quite possibly.

    But user twines18 was quick to comment saying the parents hadn’t got too wound up about it. Apparently the parents, ‘find it more hilarious than anything.’

    What do you think to this story? Is this political correctness gone mad? Or should the parents have complied with the school’s policy? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.