School’s Facebook post slammed by parents who say it’s ‘bullying poor people’

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  • A school in Somerset has been accused of ‘bullying poor people’ after sharing a post of what they consider to be appropriate school shoes on their official Facebook page.

    The school, Crispin School, posted a photo of some of their student’s footwear, and alongside the image wrote a post entitled ‘Success and Shoes’.

    In the message, the school described how they had noticed a correlation between ‘those students with the strongest academic progress’ and the type of shoes they wear to school. The post goes on to explain that they have found that students with sensible, smart shoes are the ones finding ‘success’ at school, and are also the children who are the most ‘helpful’.

    ‘It has become apparent that those students with the strongest academic progress, those achieving in areas such as sport, music and the arts and those who have helped out and conducted themselves well around school are “sharply dressed”,’ they continued.

    ‘With a nod to Street’s history, we have particularly chosen to emphasise the link between success and footwear.’

    ‘Those students achieving are wearing the correct footwear. Admittedly, some students would have reached for the polish had they known their feet would be under the spotlight but the correlation between success, doing the right things and being helpful students is a strong one.’

    The school’s decision to post the photos along with their opinion on ‘successful’ students proved to be divisive, with many parents taking to social media to slam the institution and accuse the school of bullying its students.

    ‘This is shaming and bullying poor people. Disgraceful,’ commented one person.

    ‘When there is so much child mental illness, anxiety & depression around I find it horrifying a school would discriminate like this against a child’s appearance. Brilliant way to encourage more bullying and to demoralise a child into thinking they have no good future prospects all because they don’t have the best flipping shoes,’ added a second.

    One of the pupils featured in the picture also commented on the post saying that she was ‘disgusted’ to read what her school had written.

    ‘I am disgusted by the fact that I had to be in this picture. I would much rather teachers focus on my academic success and my attitude to learning than focusing on my footwear. Quick question: do you think I wouldn’t have been chosen for an award if I wore trainers?’

    However, a few people have defended the post, causing yet more controversy.

    ‘Well done Crispin to point out the fact that effort gives reward. Life ain’t easy. Make an effort. Lazy and cheap does not make for life success’ commented one person, with another adding, ‘It’s not cause and effect. It’s a correlation. Those who choose to put effort into a more professional appearance, regardless of price or brand, may take studies more serious than their counter parts who are there purely for the social aspects.’

    What do you think? Was the school within its rights to publish a post about uniform standards? Or do you agree with the parents who have called the school out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.