YOUR SAY: Should school uniform be scrapped?

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  • We all know school uniform can be costly – but it wasn’t until we saw new reports, which say that parents fork out £2.1 billion a year on uniforms, that we realised just how expensive they’d become!

    Apparently, it costs £251 to kit out a primary school child for a year – and many are getting themselves into debt as they try to keep up with the cost.

    We knew this would be a hot topic for our users, so we took to Facebook to ask – do you think uniforms are too expensive? And would you rather your kids could wear whatever they like to school?

    Here’s what you had to say…

    An overwhelming number of you thought school uniform should stay

    Barbara E. Hoban I think that uniforms are an integral part of school life. With it comes discipline and gets children ready for work by encouraging then to look smart. Without the uniform would become a bit of a fashion walk… Kids are very competitive, and this would only follow suit with how much someone’s trainers cost, and that someone has Nike when someone else only has Reebok…

    Jennifer Gibson Uniforms are not expensive. I’d rather my kids wore a uniform, it makes all the kids equal

    Rosie Bowers Uniform all the way! We still have to clothe them wether uniform or normal clothes! And I agree that keeping with with the latest will be tough work and very expensive!don’t need another excuse for bullying!

    Ellen Jolliffe Webb I love uniform! Keeps all the children equal. As an adult in school I can see it helps children focus better. I have seen the difference in the children’s learning attitude change on dress down days and it is not positive. As a parent it’s nice to distinguish between school and home. I have four children and the youngest 3 boys at primary school I can kit out very reasonably. Uniform in high school is more expensive.

    Sharon Roberts I think they should keep it. We all have to wear some sort of uniform in our life’s, and this is one occasion, if we scrap it , should nurses stop wearing uniform ? Should policemen stop wearing uniforms ? It would lead to chaos. Each child should be proud to wear it, I was.

    And only a few of you thought it should be scrapped altoghether

    Shirlee Ann McCourty In other parts of Europe, France and Germany for example, pupils do not wear uniform. I really think it is outdated now. I agree that they should look smart casual as apposed to scruffy but that’s it.

    But most of all, you agreed on one key thing – branded uniforms are too expensive!

    Caroline Rooney Supermarket bought uniform should be kept but not the uniform that has to have school logos on bought from the school or uniform shops, that should be scrapped.

    Donna Onlyme Towner I think uniform is a good thing but when the schools insist in every item of their clothing being embroidered with the school logo that’s stupid. Blazers yes. And a school tie. Everything else should be generic and therefore cheaper. Parents wouldn’t be put under so much financial stress if most of the uniform could be bought at a cheap supermarket

    Susan Allen Yes uniforms are a must, they are too expensive with school logos, why not just have school colors, especially when you have more than one child to but for

    Lydia Ellen Appleyard I love my son wearing his school uniform. He has special needs and knows wen he puts it on that he’s going to school. But totally agree wt the buying logo things set colours wt maybe just 1 jumper or blazer wt the logo much’s the number of tshirts en shirts en trousers etc that all hav to be th set school ones that costs a fortune.

    Laura Ellen Sharp No but what should be scrapped is where you can buy it you should be able to source the stuff yourself and sew on the school badge rather than forking out for pre sewn jumpers and t shirts as usually it’s the school that choose the supplier.

    Gail Comping Hartley I defo think we should keep uniforms but I think the logo should b scrapped, I pay at least £15 just 4 1 jumper with the logo on & my daughter comes home & has often lost it. I ensure I put her name in all her clothes & if she miss places hee jumper its never seen again, I refuse 2 buy her the jumpers with school logo on anymore, I now buy her the jumpers from the supermarket & it now costs me £7 4 2 jumpers, they are the school colours just no logo. If schools want a logo they should provide a logo that can be sewn onto the clothes!

    What do you think? Should uniforms stay, but brands be banned? Or do you want uniform gone altogether? Leave a comment below and let us know!