5 times The Secret Life of Brothers and Sisters perfectly summed up the sibling bond

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  • One day your brother or sister is your best friend. The next, they’re your worst enemy. The relationships between siblings may change daily, but the bond is something very special.

    Channel 4’s The Secret Life of Siblings launches this week and gives us a sneak peak into the lives of a group of little brothers and sisters, giving us a real glimpse of the world through their eyes.

    But even though they may be six years old and younger, we can definitely relate. Here are the times they perfectly summed up what it means to be a sibling!

    Your sibling always manages to cheer you up – no matter how upset you are

    Lola (aged 5) and Mabel (nearly 3)

    No matter how bad it gets, your sibling will always be in your corner. Whether it’s cheering you up when you’re crying down the phone or coming over to spend and evening full of Ben and Jerry’s and wine, your sister or brother knows exactly what you need.

    When things get tough, they’re the ones that keep you going

    Image: Channel4
    ‘You just have to keep trying, and trying to make your own castle. Keep trying Mabel’

    When you feel like you can’t do something, your sibling will always be there and will always believe you.

    You’re very close… even if you don’t always like to admit it

    Taylor (aged 5) and Maddison (aged 3)

    This is particularly true for the older siblings. You can be best friends at home, but it’s not always cool to be close in public. Sometimes they cramp your style and appearance are important too… you know?

    People know not to upset your sibling. If someone messes with your brother or sister, they mess with you

    Alfie (aged 6) and Daisy (aged 2)

    It’s the number one rule of being a sibling. Only you can be mean to them. If someone else tries, then you must defend your brother or sister at all costs.

    Even though you argue and fight, it’s actually pretty great having a brother or sister.

    Tyler (aged 5) and Hayden (aged 3)

    Sure, you may try and stand on each other, steal each other’s stuff, blame each other when you broke mum’s best vase, and fight over who mum and dad like best, but you wouldn’t swap having a sibling for the world.

    The Secret Life of Siblings is on at 8pm, Wednesday 13th July on Channel 4.

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