Shocked parent describes ‘Victorian’ school punishment inflicted on their child

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  • A shocked parent has shared their astonishment after learning about a ‘Victorian’ style punishment inflicted on their child at school.

    The parent, who remains anonymous, took to parenting forum Mumsnet to share their horror on finding out that their child was punished with an unusual method after being told off for ‘not listening’.

    The parent went onto the forum to ask if they were being unreasonable for wanting to complain to the school about the teacher’s chosen method of discipline, to which one commenter responded describing the punishment as ‘Victorian’.

    ‘At school DC (darling child) was told to stand at the front of class with arms outstretched holding a bean bag in each hand for not listening, for 5 minutes,’ they said. ‘DC is 12. Am I being unreasonable if I complain?’

    The parent went on to explain that if a child drops their arms during the allocated five minute time for the punishment, they have to continue to stand in front of the class, and start again.

    ‘It’s quite hard holding your arms outstretched for that long’ they wrote. ‘Especially with weights. Apparently if they drop their arms they have to start again.’

    The description of the unusual disciplinary method elicited a huge response online, with some parents slamming the teachers methods are archaic and ‘shaming’.

    ‘It’s a bit Victorian isn’t it? Not sure it’s harmful but what’s the thinking here! Distraction maybe, public shaming def not!’ read one response.

    ‘What?! That’s ridiculous. As a secondary teacher, I have never heard the like in any school I’ve worked in. I would query with his head of year,’ responded a teacher on the thread.

    ‘It’s not in the least bit ok,’ wrote someone else with another adding: ‘This is awful. Seriously.’

    However, other parents suggested that the punishment was fair considering the child was talking in class.

    ‘If my DD (darling daughter) has been talking in class then I wouldn’t complain about the punishment,’ wrote one person, whilst another agreed: ‘Maybe he’ll listen in future then.’

    What do you think? Is the punishment unreasonable? Would you complain if that was your child? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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