Psychologist shares the real reason parents - especially celebrity mums and dads - choose unique baby names and it kind of makes sense

Bambi, Techno or Rumble Honey, anyone?

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Celebrity parents choosing unique baby names is nothing new, but appears to be on the rise. Now the trend of giving children an offbeat moniker is making its way into households across the country, with a psychologist sharing the reason why.

It's not just celebrities giving their babies unconventional names like Elon Musk and Grimes choosing X Æ A-ii for their son, and Nara and Lucky Blue Smith opting for Whimsy Lou for their latest addition. Searches for rare baby names are now increasing for regular newborns up and down the country. Ditching lists containing the most popular baby names (looking at you, Olivia and Noah,) parents are steadily on the hunt for something a little different as space-inspired baby names provide limitless opportunities to be original.

Speaking to Metro about the previous celebrity trend to choose a unique baby name now finding it's way into more regular UK households, Nameberry's Sophie Kihm had a few ideas. She said "New word names are on the rise across the English-speaking world. In England and Wales, names like Raine, Dusty, Storm, and Navy are trending for girls, while Sunny, Zephyr, and Forest are rising for boys. Ocean is hot for both sexes." 

"Having a unique name draws attention to the parent and the child. The parent will view this as positive attention and will enjoy this attention."

Psychologist, Dr Mark Rackley

Psychologist Dr Mark Rackley has also entered the debate, offering an understandable reason why parents want names that stand out from the crowd. He suggests it's actually more to do with parents’ image of themselves, rather than any aspirations they have for their child. The psychologist said "Having a unique name draws attention to the parent and the child. The parent will view this as positive attention and will enjoy this attention." 

He added "Some people also want the unique name to create a sense of who or what they are in society, such as believing that certain names are more associated with the upper classes, showing that you are highly educated or well-travelled. Whatever the reason, it serves a purpose for the parent." 

However, while Dr Mark Rackley does believe some kids will embrace their unusual name, he feels others will not take it so well, concluding "They can also resent the parents for giving them the name in the first place and this creates friction in the relationship."

Unusual celebrity baby names

  • Techno Mechanicus - Elon Must and Grimes
  • Bambi - Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury
  • Rumble Honey - Nara and Lucky Blue Smith
  • Rockerfeller - Jimmy Carr and Karoline Copping 
  • Slim Easy - Nara and Lucky Blue Smith
  • Dweezil - Frank and Gail Zappa
  • Diva Thin Muffin - Frank and Gail Zappa
  • Moon Unit - Frank and Gail Zappa
  • Powerful - Nick Cannon
  • Legendary - Nick Cannon
  • Audio Science - Shannyn Sossamon and Dallas Clayton
  • Moxie CrimeFighter - Penn Jilette

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