Most popular Tonies ever: 11 bestsellers, plus one we predict will be huge

From Igglepiggle to Encanto, these are the bestselling Tonies to help kickstart an epic audio character collection

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With more than 700 characters available, it can help to know what the most popular Tonies are if your child is starting their own collection.

If you're new to the world of Tonies, they are hand-painted magnetic characters filled with facts, stories and songs, that sit on top of an audio player called a Toniebox (if this is all sounding very jargon-heavy, then make sure you read our guide to what is a Toniebox for a beginner's breakdown on all you need to know).

A good starting point is a Tonies starter bundle, where you can get the player and a selection of popular Tonies - some bundles have a set variety of Tonies, while if you create a bundle on the Tonies website, you can choose your own. But which Tonies should you pick? Here we explain which are the most popular Tonies to help you make the right choice.

To determine this list of the most popular Tonies, we analysed the Tonies that feature on the bestselling lists on the Tonies website, as well as other major retailers including Amazon, Very, John Lewis, and Smyths. The most popular Tonies are all suitable for preschoolers from age three.

If you're looking for Tonies for older children, there is so much choice available. From Tonies based on iconic Roald Dahl characters, like The Enormous Crocodile or Matilda (both suitable for age six and upwards), to educational Tonies like the Nat Geo Kids Astronaut, suitable for those from five years old, there really is a Tonie for everyone.

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