Happy 20th anniversary Peppa Pig! Celebrate with our pick of the best Peppa Pig toys (and most are under £25)

It was 2004, the last episode of Friends aired, Facebook launched and a pink pig came into our lives - yep, Peppa turns 20 this year! Check out the best Peppa Pig toys to buy today

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Peppa Pig is turning 20, and to celebrate, we're rounding up the best Peppa Pig toys, from adorable plushies and playsets to interactive toys and books. The first Peppa Pig episode aired on 31 May 2004 on Channel 5, and since then Peppa and friends have exploded in popularity, with the show broadcast in more than 180 countries. That popularity not only sparked a whole wave of Peppa-themed toys but even her very own theme parks across the world. Almost 400 Peppa Pig episodes have aired, with characters voiced by famous faces (voices) such as Morwenna Banks and Brian Blessed. Although we realise Peppa can sometimes divide fans, there's no doubt she's still incredibly popular.

As part of the 20th anniversary, Peppa is hosting Peppa's Cinema Party throughout February (across 18 countries including the UK, Ireland and the USA). The event will feature 10 never-before-seen episodes, including a special three-part Wedding Party story with Hollywood couple Katy Perry as Ms Leopard and Orlando Bloom as Mr Raccoon, as well as five new songs and 11 interactive shorts.

If you are looking for toys that not only meet the child in your life's Peppa obsession but also meets the need of their child development stage and offer various types of play, then take a look at our selection of the best Peppa Pig toys, featuring bestsellers and top rated picks.

Peppa Pig Playsets

Playsets make great gifts for kids as they get those imaginative juices flowing, encourage problem solving and can help develop social skills. In the case of Peppa Pig, they also bring Peppa's world from the screen right into real life.

Interactive Peppa Pig toys

Interactive toys can help children develop their social and language skills, as well as boosting their fine motor skills. These are the Peppa-themed interactive toys we're loving.


Plush toys are hugely popular, in fact they were the top selling toy category in 2023, according to the British Toy & Hobby Association.


Books make great gifts for kids, no matter their age - it can be a chance for them to enjoy some chilled time with their parents, practice their reading, or let their imaginations run wild as the interact with their favourite characters.

Find out more about Peppa's Cinema Party celebrations for her 20th anniversary. And in other toy news, 2023 was the year of the Squishmallow, but here's what we think could take its place in 2024, and take a sneak peek at this year's top toys.

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