Are YOU turning into your mum? The nine telltale signs to watch out for

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  • You love your mum. She’s been there for you through thick and thin, she helps with the kids, gives great advice and you’d be lost without her.

    But you do not, under any circumstances, want to turn into her! (And your other half is pretty keen for that not to happen too… ).

    However, try as you might to stop it, resistance is futile. The signs are there, and they’re getting more and more frequent and harder to ignore every day. You ARE turning into your mother and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Whatever little telltale signs you think you’ve noticed (the things she says, her turn of phrase or just the way she holds her cup of tea) and have tried to get a handle on, forget it. It’s in your genes, you’ve been programmed since childhood, there’s no escape.

    Check out our round up of the things you’re already doing that mean you’re turning into your mum and see how many you recognise – we reckon you’ll be surprised how familiar most of these will sound!

    1. You’re a feeder

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    You try to feed anyone who steps inside your home – your kids’ friends, your neighbours, the Avon lady, the postman – you’d even offer the tax man a little nibble if he came to visit.

    2. You’ve become one of those people with a tissue up your sleeve

    You always have a snotty tissue in your pocket and you’re happy to spit on it and wipe your children’s faces with it. Because that’s not disgusting at all. Neither is using the same cloth to wipe the floor, the kitchen sides and children’s hands.

    3. You’re in a music rut

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    The most recent song in your music collection was released over a decade ago. (Or it’s Adele.)And, if you do happen to hear a current jingle you like, the kids start berating you as soon as you knock out a tune or two for singing ALL the words wrong.

    4. You have NO qualms with embarrassing your offspring

    You’ve said at least one of the following to your children:
    ‘Stop showing off in front of your friends.’
    ‘Look with your eyes, not your fingers.’
    ‘We’ve had a lovely day and now you’re just ruining it.’

    5. You’re FAR too invested in your soaps

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    You talk about the people from EastEnders as though they are friends of yours. In fact sometimes you find yourself becoming genuinely concerned for the lives of your favourite characters and have to remind yourself it’s not real.

    6. Fashion has turned into comfort

    Your children think your fashion sense is really out of date. (But you don’t care, it’s comfortable!)When they have children of their own, they’ll understand that running around all day after little monsters requires decent footwear.

    7. Christmas buying begins in January

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    You start stock piling Christmas presents in January – well you’ve got to make the most of those sales, even if it’s all out of fashion in 12 months!

    8. Your fridge is leftover central

    Your fridge and freezer are jam packed full of scraps of food in bowls, pots and tupperware that will never be used. A scoop of mash here, the odd cooked carrot or handful of pasta there. Well, someone might want it at some point? Better keep it just in case.

    9. Everything has a place, and god help those who move it

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    You have a designated ‘gift wrapping’ drawer complete with wrapping paper, cards, scissors, Sellotape and everything else you could possibly need, organised and cleaned to perfection – it’s basically your pride and joy. You simply can’t understand why people find it so hard to put the Sellotape back after they’ve used it…

    In what ways are you like your mum? Tell us what we missed off the list!

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