‘He has to take over for me’ Simon Cowell reveals he wants his son to become a showbiz mogul like him

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  • Simon Cowell has revealed in a new interview that he wants his son Eric to take over his empire when he’s older and he’s already started training him to become a music mogul.

    Simon’s little one might only be three years old, but that doesn’t mean he can’t start planning his future now.

    The proud dad has revealed that he hopes his son Eric will take over his showbiz empire when he’s older, and has already started training him to fill his shoes, despite his tender age.

    ‘He has to take over for me. I’ve put him in training. He’s down at the shows, he has the earplugs in. I would absolutely love it if  he could do what I do’, Simon told Fox News’ OBJECTified programme.

    But what if Eric has his sights on other ventures? Despite admitting that he would love his son to follow the same career as him, Simon says he would respect his wishes.

    Eric has already made cameo appearances on his dad’s interviews

    ‘If he gravitates towards academics, then fine; I would encourage him but I have a feeling he’s gonna be more like me,’ he said.

    ‘I’m not gonna lie, I’d love him to one day say, “Can I work for you and learn how to do it. That would make me feel incredible — and then you have a legacy”.’

    The X Factor judge also revealed that he’s taught Eric about non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), so that he knows what to do when he finds his first girlfriend.

    ‘I sat Eric down and said: “I’m going to teach you three very, very important letters for when you get your first girlfriend” and I said: “it’s NDA.”‘

    ‘So Lauren comes in and I said: “Eric, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get a girlfriend; and he goes: ‘Daddy says I have to get a NDA” and she goes: “You taught him that?” and I said: “Well that’s good advice”.’

    Advanced dating knowledge for a three-year-old, but he might need if he’s to become the next Simon Cowell…