12 moments Eric Cowell was just like Simon

Maybe it's the way he's sitting, maybe it's the fact that he's listening to One Direction, or perhaps it's the way that he's acting like a baby, oh wait...

Simon Cowell's son Eric is just like him. Uncannily so, in fact.

Perhaps it's the way he's sitting, or the fact that he wears his nappy pulled right up to his waist, but there's something just so alike about the pair, that we had to share these eleven moments when the likeness was so brilliant that we almost got them confused.

1. He's got his no-paparazzi look down

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Cheryl Versini-Fernandez shared this snap of Eric on her Instagram looking like a natural in his big shades, hiding from the bright lights of stardom. She captioned the photo 'Look at Eric 😂😂😂 Mini @SIMONCOWELL but cute!! 😂😍'. With the addition of an open collar we think Eric might be some stiff competition when it comes to owning his father's signature look.

2. They can both rock a round-neck tshirt

Image:Twitter/SimonCowell Simon posted this adorable picture of him and Eric taking a well deserved break from work and settling down to watch everyone's favourite Disney classic The Jungle Book on Saturday evening. We wonder if they are as excited about the remake as us?

3. He knows what makes good TV...

Just like his father, little Eric knows exactly how to play an audience. In a recent interview where Simon was discussing his return to American TV, his mini-me suddenly waddles in to steal the show - by presenting interviewer Terri Seymour with a carrot.


The dad-of-one also revealed how much Eric was taking after him, he said: 'When he wants something he's like me, he just says it over and over again.'

4. He's at home on a yacht

Does a year ever go by when we don't see Simon Cowell's lavishly hairy chest gracing the decks of a private yacht or two? No, we didn't think so either. You've got to love this picture of Eric in his floppy little sun hat, though - it's got #yachtlife written all over it.

5. He likes to be in the driving seat

Image: Instagram/cherylofficial

Oh boys and their toys, eh? Cheryl Fernandez-Versini snapped this photo of the mini-me father and son team whizzing around in a golf buggy on the set of the X Factor Bootcamp. We can't work out if we love or hate the fact that these two dress the same. Anyone else think there's something slightly unnerving about it?

6. His expensive tastes...

Well, you know what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! It's no secret that Simon is a pretty well-off fella, and judging by this adorable pic, it's safe to say that Eric has inherited a similar interest in all things green. Simon shared both of these snaps on his Twitter account for Father's Day 2015, writing 'My second Fathers Day with my little boy', next to the pic of them cuddling, and 'Oh No! He is Dad's little boy' alongside Eric and his new favourite toys (dollar bills). Nothing like following in your dad's footsteps, eh, Eric? 

7. His outfit choices...

Simon Cowell is a curious being. While most of celebville is trying its very best never to wear the same outfit twice, Simon is doing his utmost to wear his same outfit as many times as possible, and he's been doing his very best to get Eric to do the same. However, it seems the tot doesn't always get it quite right, as Simon captured this recent Twitter picture: 'No Eric. I said White shirt not t shirt'!

8. ... and his innate ability to accessorise

Not content with just having his shirt and trouser combo on repeat, Simon can often be spotted wearing the same set of sunnies - and look, Eric's got some too.

9. He's always surrounded by his harem

Simon is never seen without his harem of women - Lauren Silverman, ex-fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy, Sinitta in that palm leaf bikini - and here Eric makes sure he is always flanked by his pals, too.

10. He's a water baby

Simon's always tearing around the Caribbean on a jet-ski, chest hair poking through his life jacket, and it looks like little Eric's love of water is just like his dad's. Here he is looking calm and serene in the bath, having a swell time.

11. He's a fellow music mogul

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Simon posted this video of Eric on his Facebook page, in which the little tot sits bouncing happily in front of a set of drums. When he hears One Direction's 'Story of My Life' come on the speakers, his face lights up and we swear, just for a second, we saw some little pound signs flash up in front of his eyes. No? Must just be us then.

11. ... and this pout

We've certainly seen this pout on TV when Simon isn't getting his way and it looks like little Eric is following suit. Even Simon can spot the similarities, he tweeted this picture with the caption 'Looks familiar?' - just a little bit, Simon! Anyway Eric, it's a yes from us.

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