19 struggles children of the noughties will never understand

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  • Having a day where you feel young and in touch with the youth of today? Let us bring you straight back down to earth.

    In this video posted to YouTube, watch how this girl, who we might add was almost certainly born since the year 2000, cannot work out how to hang up a landline phone. That’s right. A telephone.

    She just looks bemused and tries to place the receiver on the table next to the phone. No.

    So in homage to this girl who is now going viral, with over 700,000 adults now thoroughly jealous of her youthful naivety, we bring you all of the other struggles that kids of today will never have to deal with…

    1. Waiting for dial-up internet to connect


    Nowadays they complain when their 3G drops for a fraction of a second.

    2. And making sure no one called the landline whilst you were connecting to the web

    That would be two hours of solid effort thrown away.

    3. Standing still whilst you made a phone call

    And yes, you were attached to the wall. None of this angsty pacing business.

    4. Making plans in advance and having to stick to them

    No last minute rearrangments, time changing or bailing out all together.

    5. Using an A-Z map to find your destination

    Maps weren’t just something they used to navigate in the 1800’s, you know.

    6. Fighting the crowds in HMV on a Saturday morning to get a copy of the new Take That album.

    And paying at least £15 for the privilege.

    7. The moment you realised you had recorded Top Of The Pops over the top of precious family holiday memories.


    No iPlayer. No Netflix. No Sky Planner. Just a tape that randomly cut between The Tweenies and the family holiday to Greece in 1997.

    8. Being sent to the library to find what you needed for your homework.

    Imagine not being able to Google search a book index, kiddos.

    9. Or being forced to use Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

    A disk so slow and frustrating you’d actually rather read the book.

    10. Not being able to flick between ‘tracks’ on a cassette.


    Just rewinding at speed and hoping for the best.

    11. The furious rewinding then causing the whole tape to unravel.

    And having to spend the next three hours slowly winding it back with a biro only to find it’s still broken. Thanks for nothing, Casio.

    12. Using a floppy disk.

    Being able to store one Word document and a single photo before it was full. Great.

    13. Using the Yellow Pages to look up phone numbers.


    Yes, that giant book DID have a function prior to being a booster seat.

    14. Only being able to watch programs that were on TV WHEN they were on TV.

    If that meant a night in with Everybody Loves Raymond, then so be it.

    15. Phones having no Caller ID function.

    It could be your best friend. OR your mum. Do you want to take that risk?

    16. Spending Friday night at Blockbuster picking out a film to watch.

    Getting home and realising the previous renter hadn’t rewound after watching. So rude.

    17. Teletext.


    If you ever needed a reason to feel grateful for Google, just look at this image.

    18. The frustration at trying to fit a CD walkman in a pocket. In a bag. In anywhere.

    CD players just weren’t brought into this world to be portable.

    19. The fear of the Millenium Bug

    And secretly wishing it would happen just so you’d get some time off work.