The 17 fights you always had with your sisters – and probably still do

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  • Don’t get us wrong, having sisters is the best but there are some, very special fights that only sisters can have – and god help anyone who gets in the way!

    Somehow, when it comes to your sister the smallest things can spark a row, and you find yourself arguing time and time again about things you wouldn’t care about if anyone else did them.

    Iit’s been that way since you were little, the only thing that has changed over the years is the kinds of things you find to argue with each other about.

    Here are the 17 fights you’re sure to have had throughout the years with your sister…

    Firstly it was things like when she got the present you had asked for

    Yep, we’re talking about the Barbie Dreamhouse that was rightfully yours!

    And when she gave your favourite doll an unauthorised haircut

    One day your doll had long luscious locks and the next she looks like a convicted criminal with a buzzcut.

    Not forgetting when she constantly blamed you for things she had done

    Like drawing on your bedroom walls with coloured felt-tips. 

    And when she would deliberately take your favourite chocolate from the box

    She didn’t even really like your favourite one, she just did it to be mean.

    Then there were the times when she dared to suggest that you changed the channel

    She got to choose last time, and plus Disney was SO much better than stupid Star Wars.

    But then it progressed, like when she told your mum about boys you fancied

    You confided in her and next thing you knew your mum was asking you awkward or embarrassing questions, like what the new boy in your class was called and if he was nice.

    And when she came down dressed in an outfit you had picked for non-uniform day

    And you suddenly had never wanted to wear something more in your entire life.

    And when she copied your outfit/hair style/favourite band

    And no matter what she said, you KNEW she did it deliberately…

    Or when she wore your clothes and damaged them

    Even if it’s only slightly, there’s nothing worse than finding your favourite top with a mark on it – especially if the culprit lives under the same roof.

    Oh, and let’s not forget her stretching your shoes

    Why couldn’t she just accept the size of her feet? She was obviously a size bigger.  

    And, when she never paid you back when she said she would

    You were always lending her £20 here and £10 towards the end of the month but did you ever see it again? Rarely.

    She always used to breathe too loudly

    Like, seriously, ever heard of personal space?

    And when you called your mum, she answered and talked for AGES

    Ok, can I speak to mum now please?

    When she always acted like an expert on EVERYTHING

    She thought she knew so much more than you did, which obviously wasn’t the case.

    Especially when she couldn’t even pronounce common words right

    Seriously, why was it so hard to get that one word right? You told her a thousand times.

    And she always sang the wrong lyrics to a song

    And then insisted she was right, until you had to prove her wrong with the help of Google.

    Now you’re a mum, she tries to tell you how to raise your kids

    Hello, they are your children. You probably already know your kids aren’t perfect or that they need to be eating more veg… but you do not need to be reminded.

    But then again, despite all of that…

    They’re your best friend(s) and so help anyone who tries to argue with them because with all the practice against each other, you make one formidable team!