The one little app that’s going to change family life as you know it

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  • Our families. Don’t get us wrong, there really is nothing we love more. But boy can they be a handful.

    The wall calendar hanging from our kitchen fridge is just a couple more days away from coming unstuck. There are so many appointments, doctors appointments, parents evening appointments, kids’ parties, birthdays, music lessons, football training, weddings, car MOTs, dentist appointments, optician appointments, errands to run, RSVPs (we could go on…) and how could we forget, the weekly shop?

    Now, we’ve tried colour coding, but you tell us where you can buy highlighters in 17 different colours! We’ve tried stapling letters and scraps of important paper onto the pages, but the kids have seen to that by chopping at them like some sort of piñata.

    But here is something, a little something, that is about to revolutionise the organisation of our families.

    Cozi’s free multi-access calendar app is revolutionising family life.

    Cozi is a free handy little family organiser app that allows you to manage your whole family’s life at the tip of your fingertips.

    Give your calendar a household name, add your hubby, kids, or anyone else who you feel would benefit from accessing it. They can add appointments and view what’s on the agenda for your family in the near future and it’s all in a completely safe and secure environment – only accessible by your nearest and dearest.

    From after-school activities to keeping track of your own social activities, this app allows you to make and share shopping lists, to-do lists, set anniversary and birthday reminders and post pictures for the whole family to see. 

    You can even keep a journal so you remember special moments and attach pics to your entries, straight from your phone. 

    Rhoda Shaw, who lives with her partner, Justin, and sons aged seven and 11, tried it:

    ‘We have a calendar that gets filled in by Justin and me, but sometimes one of us forgets to do it. So when I neglected to pick up my son from football, I decided to try Cozi. It works like a diary but has some clever features. It can be accessed by multiple users so Justin and I can add dates. You also get a weekly email to tell what the week ahead looks like and you can receive notifications for your appointments.’

    In a nutshell, Cozi’s about to simplify your family life. And we for one, are all for it.

    Cozi is available to download on Apple and Android – oh and did we mention, it’s FREE!

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