Period-themed board game aims to teach children about their bodies and menstruation

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  • A new period-themed board game has been created with the aim of teaching children all about their changing bodies and menstruation.

    Getting your period for the first time can be a confusing and, let’s face it, often scary experience. That’s why two American designers have created a fun board game aimed at young girls to teach them all they need to know about that time of the month.

    American design duo Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy made The Period Game to ‘turn a typically uneasy situation into a fun, positive, learning experience’ and ‘teach participants about what is happening within the female body and how to ‘go with the flow’.’

    Image: The Period Game

    The Period Game website describes the thinking behind the product: ‘There is no standardized method for learning about your period, and as a result, many young women are unprepared and uncomfortable when the time comes.

    ‘The act of playing creates an open and engaging environment where players can learn and say words like ‘period’ and ‘tampon’ without the usual discomfort and taboos found in society.’

    The game works by spinning the 3D uterus at the centre of the board, which drops either a clear or red marble indicating whether you are on your period. Pick either a tampon, knickers, pad or menstrual cup to move round the board while learning exactly what your period is and what will happen to your body – plus how to soothe yourself and steer clear of any accidents!

    Image: The Period Game

    There are three main groups of cards, ‘Protection’, ‘Preparation’ and ‘Speciality’, which range from advising you on what type of feminine products to use, tips on making yourself feel better and how to deal with awkward situations such as a leak.

    Not only does the game look great with quirky graphics and a fun colour scheme, but it’s helping girls feel more comfortable with their bodies with a touch of humour.

    Would you be open to playing The Period Game with your daughter? Let us know in the comments below!

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