The things that happen on every great family holiday

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    Family holidays are the most precious time you can spend with your loved ones. Sometimes it’s the little moments that make it so special along the way. Here are some of the classic times you can look forward to on an extra special TUI Family Life holiday – from the moment Dad takes to the dance floor, to a daring dining room experience…

    Dad throws some shapes

    Everyone knows you have to be a father to really capture the essence of Dad Dancing. But, at TUI Family Life holidays, it’s not about laughing at anyone but getting involved and spending time together. There’s entertainment, music and dancing that will get even the most table-dwelling parents onto the dance floor. And when there’s a winning spot in a dance-off at stake, how can you resist? Remember, holidays are times to let go of your inhibitions and let loose. So, discover your inner disco diva and show them how it’s done…

    You discover a new exercise routine

    The sun, a relaxing environment and some quality family time will work wonders on your energy levels and you might find you’ve actually got the get-up-and-go to try a little exercise. So choose a break that offers a good variety of classes to get you fit and toned. Pilates, yoga, BodyCombat, CXWorx, BodyBalance… and Sh’Bam. Yes Sh’Bam. Don’t be put off if you’ve never done it before; giggling through a new move is the perfect icebreaker and a great way to make lifelong friends. Believe us, as part of the Les Mills range of fitness classes at TUI Family Life, it’ll feel good. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some fab new athleisurewear.

    Your child wins man of the match

    Sporty kids? Encourage them to join in with holiday activities and who knows where it could lead. As well as discovering new games and skills, they can join in with team challenges too. And imagine how great they’ll feel when they rush out of the kids’ club delighted because they’ve won the game? Hankies (and camera) at the ready!

    Your baby discovers wonderful first moments

    Holidays should be full of new discoveries and adventures, and that goes for babies too! There are pools that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy at TUI Family Life resorts, from the main pool to kids’ splash parks – and baby pools too. Enjoy the chuckles and excitement as your little one finds out just how much fun the water can be! Whichever pool you choose, fully qualified lifeguards are on duty to make sure everyone stays safe.

    You rediscover me time

    As a new parent it’s tough to hand your baby into someone else’s care. But this is your holiday too, and you know how much you wanted to try that new BodyBalance class… At TUI Family Life holidays, their childcare staff are fully trained and DBS checked, so you can enjoy some ‘me time’, confident they’ll be just fine. Though leaving them for the first time can be daunting, it’s the perfect place to try it before they go off to the childminder or nursery back home. You’ll be looking back and laughing at how nervous you were in no time…

    You have dinner – just the two of you

    Since you became parents, how long has it been since you had a quiet, uninterrupted meal with your partner? Mmm, thought so… It’s time to rediscover how much you enjoy each other’s company – without worrying about the kids. On TUI Family Life holidays, you have an option to book them into an evening kids’ club. They’ll enjoy fun and activities while you reconnect and laugh the night away at the a la carte restaurant.

    Your children gain independence…

    Adventure, challenge, excitement – your older kids will find them all when they go along to @611 Club. The children’s group, for 6 to 11-year-olds, allows them to mix with others of their own age. With an emphasis on team games and challenges, it’s a great way to make new friends. And one of the themes is Doctor Who. Enough said.

    …and meet new friends

    Magical moments don’t get much better than meeting your own giant, friendly bear. And at TUI Family Life holidays, mascot Bamse helps out at the kids’ club as well as popping up to meet and greet during the day. Their smiles will be unmissable.

    Your kids get adventurous with their food

    It’s a time to be bold, and that goes for food too. With a delicious range of meals available, give your kids the opportunity to sample something they’ve never tasted before, safe in the knowledge there are some old favourites, just in case! Just tell them the calamari are onion rings and see what happens…

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