The top 10 lullabies for babies revealed – including a hip-hop classic!

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  • Getting babies to sleep is a daily battle, and sometimes, no amount of shhing, rocking or soothing will do the trick.

    It’s at this point that most of us will turn to a jaunty tune or two – but nowadays, it seems that we’re not singing the traditional nursery rhymes you might expect!

    Whilst childhood classics like Humpty Dumpty, Rock-a-by Baby and Three Blind Mice are still popular, a new survey from BT has revealed the top 10 chart lullabies that parents sing to get their babies off to sleep – and the findings might just surprise you!

    Top 10 lullaby chart hits

    1. Moon River, Audrey Hepburn
    2. There Must be an Angel, Eurythmics
    3. Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice
    4. My Way, Frank Sinatra
    5. Islands in the Stream, Dolly Parton
    6. Sing, Ed Sheeran
    7. Sweet Child O’ Mine, Guns ‘N’ Roses
    8. Timber, Pitbull Ft. Kesha
    9. Groovy Kind of Love, Phil Collins
    10. Stay With Me, Sam Smith

    Some babies might now be more familiar with Pitbull’s ‘Timber’ than Humpty Dumpty!

    And it’s not just chart hits that are inspiring bedtime singalongs – according to BT, 25% of dads sings football chants to their little ones, with Irish rugby anthem Ireland’s Call, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and You’ll Never Walk Alone making up their most crooned.

    25% of mums also go for songs from TV ads, whilst 15% of dads belt out songs from their favourite movies.

    More than one in five parents admitted that they sometimes made up their own words because they’d forgotten the original – but 10% said they thought their own lyrics were better anyway!

    Was there a particular song that never failed to send your baby to sleep? Leave us a comment and let us know!