Theo and Melanie Walcott are expecting their second baby

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  • Happy news for football star Theo Walcott and wife Melanie, as they reveal they’re expecting their second baby.

    Arsenal and England footballer Theo had the best birthday present of all this year, when his beautiful wife Melanie chose that as the day to tell him she was pregnant with their second child.

    The childhood sweethearts have been married for three years, celebrating their anniversary on the 15th June, and have one little boy together already – two year old Finley.

    Now they are about to add to their brood, with a new baby expected to arrive mid-November, of which they don’t know the sex.

    Melanie, who is a Hello! magazine blogger, said: ‘We honestly don’t have a preference. I see myself with a girl but at the same time I can picture Finley with a little brother because he’s such a boy.’

    ‘I don’t think you can really call it,’ she added. ‘But I do feel my bump is a lot heavier and lower this time.’

    Melanie chose the sweetest way to tell her football star husband, by waiting until his birthday to announce the news.

    The mum of one, 26, told Hello!, ‘The timing was so special, the fact that it was his birthday. I knew it was the best present he could have wished for.’

    ‘Theo’s a real family man and an amazing dad. He and Finley have so much fun together and he can’t wait for their new little playmate to arrive now so they can join in the mischief, too.’

    On the day of Theo’s birthday, 16th March, Arsenal were playing Barcelona meaning Theo would have to be there. Although he told Mel she didn’t have to come with him, she chose to make the trip, with an ulterior motive in mind!

    Theo recounts, ‘We were in a communal area with the other players when Mel took me aside and told me, very quietly, that she had some news.’

    ‘I don’t mind admitting I got emotional when she said she was pregnant, but as it was still very early days, I managed to keep it low-key until I got back to my room. Then I just started jumping around.’