18 HUGE life moments only Brownies of the 90s will truly understand

I promise that I will do my best...

If the words 'sixes', 'sashes' and 'culottes' mean something to you, chances are you were a Brownie at some point during your 90s childhood.

You heard all about it during your stint at Rainbows and you were desperate to finally join when you turned seven to see what the fuss was all about.

Ok, so it was technically an after school club for most of the girls in your class and you didn't want to miss out, but it was definitely more than that.

From being looked after by owls to dancing around toadstools, it sounded odd to outsiders but those in the know will remember all about these brilliant life moments you had at Brownies (and will secretly always be a Brownie at heart *salutes*)

1. At first you were never too sure about those brown culottes you were made to wear

But you soon realised just how practical they were. Plus, look how culottes are back in fashion now - we were SO ahead of the times.

2. Making your Brownie promise was the BIGGEST deal

You'd practice the words for so long before the big day so you didn't embarrass yourself in front of your whole pack. So much so, you can still recite it from memory now... 'I promise that I will do my best... '

3. You thought nothing of calling middle-aged women after owls

Even now when you see them around town, they're not Julie, they're Snowy Owl.

4. Getting put into a six was like being sorted into a Harry Potter house

Elf, Imp, Pixie, Gnome - you were a nervous wreck just before you found out where you'd end up for your Brownie lifetime.

5. Getting your first badge was a huge life event and you made your mum sew it onto your sash as soon as you got home

You started small with the must-have House Orderly badge, which meant you'd mastered the art of a dustpan and brush, and then there was just no stopping you.

6. You'd take on new 'hobbies' to get hold of as many badges as you could

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Spotted a pigeon in the garden? That's your bird-spotting badge sorted. Juggled a few oranges? That Jester badge was all yours.

7. You really did believe it was your duty to 'lend a hand'

It was instilled in you to help old ladies cross the road.

8. You took your role of being a Sixer VERY seriously

You'd been a Seconder for what felt like forever and finally you got the call up to be head of your group. You'd make sure everyone's uniforms were in check for inspections so those weekly team points were yours. That one girl who would always forget her sash quickly became your new nemesis...

9. Dancing around a toadstool was considered completely normal

And the tin foil 'water' placed next to it to use as a reflection during your promise was, again, completely normal to your younger self. You'd do anything to get your hands on that promise pin badge.

10. As a pack you'd always convince the leaders to let you play Ladders when there was 10 minutes spare

Now you're older you realise why the leaders were so reluctant to let you play. So. Many. Bruises.

11. It felt like you'd hit the jackpot if you got asked to do the collection or carry the Brownie flag at church parade

But it didn't come without pressure. Those flags were surprisingly heavy for an eight year- old.

12. You loved doing your Brownie 'homework' in the Handbookh

Because in this case, homework meant badges. You wanted to get your Footpath, Road and Highway badges as quickly as possible.

13. Heading off on Brownie camp felt like you were a world away from home

Your first girls holiday! When in reality, you were just 30 minutes down the road at an activity centre.

14. The highlight of camp would be the 'midnight feasts' with your 'secret sweets'

Looking back, the leaders knew all about your stash of HARIBO and those midnight feasts were definitely no later than 10pm.

15. You felt like a girl band on the brink of world domination once you'd mastered the 'In the round' campfire songs

Eat your heart out, Spice Girls. The real 90s classics included, 'Have you ever seen a zombie come to tea?' and, of course, 'A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut...'

16. Being made to mix with other Brownie camps was not ok

Being a Brownie was all about being nice - until it came to mingling with other packs at camps, swimming galas and other national events as things got seriously competitive. At least you normally got a fancy new badge out of it.

17. No one was allowed to go home until everyone had sung Brownie Bells

That song will never leave us.

18. You were devastated when you were too old for Brownies and you had to 'graduate' to Guides

It was a sad day when you had to move on as even now, some of your best childhood memories were from Brownies - brown and yellow uniform and all!