22 incredible kids’ toys you can make from cardboard boxes

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  • Step away from the recycling box – we’ve got 22 incredible kids toys you can make from cardboard boxes!

    Before you throw away those loo roll tubes, that Amazon packaging or the truly ENORMOUS container that your new washing machine arrived in, you need to check out all of the brilliant things you can make with them¬†(and blow your kids’ minds in the process).

    From amazing playhouses that are even better than their shop-bought equivalents to vehicles that’ll take them on the road, to the skies and even to outer space, here are 22 genius cardboard box projects for kids.

    Whether you’re a cardboard craft novice or looking for something to really challenge your creative skills, you’ll find a toy that the whole family will be wowed by in this list.

    Now your only problem is deciding which one to make first…

    22 incredible kids toys you can make from cardboard boxes

    1. A gingerbread house

    How cute (and simple) is this?! Let the kids decorate a few paper plate lollipops and candies and you’re all set.

    Get the tutorial: Mrs Goff Skinders

    2. A camper van

    Cardboard and duct tape team up for this stylish vintage-inspired camper van – the perfect use for larger-sized boxes.

    Get the tutorial: The Merry Thought

    3. A greengrocers

    According to the mum who made this incredible shopfront for her daughters, this only takes four hours, tops!

    Get the tutorial: Ikatbag

    4. A Lego town

    For the family that always fights over the best Lego boards – you can make this big enough for everyone to get involved at once.

    Get the tutorial: Pickle Bums

    5. Guitars

    Musically-inclined kids will go crazy for these – what an upgrade on the classic elastic-band-over-a-tissue-box idea!

    Get the tutorial: Make It Love It

    6. Target golf

    A trip to the mini-golf course can be expensive for big families, but this cheap, homemade target golf set will cost you pennies.

    Get the tutorial: Princess Pinky Girl

    7. A castle

    This project transforms a washing machine box into a toy fit for royalty – we wonder if Kate and Wills will be knocking one of these up for Charlotte and George?

    Get the tutorial: Cornerstone Confessions

    8. Ring toss game

    Just one of many awesome reasons that toilet and kitchen roll tubes should never be destined for the bin.

    Get the tutorial: Teach Me Mommy

    9. Playhouses

    Early Learning Centre ain’t got nothing on these beauties (and how sweet are the tiny trees?)

    Get the tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

    10. A rocket

    Got a space-obsessed little one in your life? Let them reach for the stars with this surprisingly simple cardboard rocket.

    Get the tutorial: Kate’s Creative Space

    11. An oven

    The plastic plate hobs are a genius touch! Invest in some plastic fruit and pans and they’ll be happily cooking away for hours.

    Get the tutorial: Ikatbag

    12. Postboxes

    This cardboard craft would be fab for the time of year when Santa’s about. Leave their wishlists inside and then pen a suitably festive reply for them to find in return…

    Get the tutorial: Ikatbag

    13. A kennel

    Beloved soft toys need a home, but you don’t have to pay Pets at Home prices for them! This project was made as part of an adorable play vet clinic, which we highly recommend you replicate as well.

    Get the tutorial: Ikatbag

    14. A barn

    If, like pretty much every parent ever, you’ve got a tub overflowing with plastic farm animals, you need to knock up one of these. The kids can get involved with the painting too.

    Get the tutorial: Joyfully Weary

    15. An aeroplane

    This looks advanced, but it’s actually one of the simplest designs of the bunch! Keep your plane, erm, plain, and then let the little ones customise it with crayons and stickers.

    Get the tutorial: Small Fry Blog

    16. A car

    Vroom vroom! The tutorial says this car is for under 10s, but we can imagine some bigger kids trying to squeeze in too (looking at you, hubs…)

    Get the tutorial: Childhood 101

    17. An elevator

    Okay, so this nifty little elevator won’t actually transport them upstairs, but they’ll love the magic of pressing all the drawn-on buttons and pretending regardless.

    Get the tutorial: Repeat Crafter Me

    18. A maze

    A great game for summer fetes or birthday parties, this maze is easy to build and break down again, so if you’ve got somewhere to store it, you can use it year after year.

    Get the tutorial: Design Dazzle

    19. A camera

    A cardboard camera is the ideal creation for kids who won’t stop snapping pictures on your phone – finally, you might be able to regain some space on your camera roll!

    Get the tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

    20. A dolls house

    One of the ultimate treasured childhood items, this easy-to-construct dollshouse will be pride of place in any doll lover’s bedroom.

    Get the tutorial: My Cakies

    21. Dolls house bunkbeds

    Well, once they’ve got the house they need a place to sleep. We wonder if we can get lollipop-stick stairs for our beds…

    Get the tutorial: Ikatbag

    22. A fairy tree

    Sprinkle with glitter and this tree will make the most magical addition to any garden. Altogether now, ‘I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!’

    Get the tutorial: Ikatbag

    And if you don’t have any big boxes don’t worry, here’s a fun and fast craft to do with the kids using nothing but some crafting basics and a couple of old shoeboxes.

    23. A cardboard village

    When your ambition is set a little lower than a full-sized Wendy house this pretty fairy-like village makes the perfect activity to keep little hands out of trouble.

    Get the tutorial: goodtoknow

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