Cardboard reindeer head

Transform your house into a hunting lodge using little more than a cardboard box...

Tartan, wood panelling and stag heads lining the walls: All essentials for regal highland homes, and now you can get a slice of the action too - with this fun kids' craft.>

If you're looking for ways to give your home a cosy feel this winter then these ingenious wall decorations could help. Plus, no animals will be harmed in the making of your reindeer head.

All it takes is some old scraps of cardboard and a steady hand. Age range: A craft knife is used in this Christmas craft so we woud advise making your stag's head with children of nine year's old and upwards.

You will need

Step 1 Enlarge the reindeer head template to A3 size and print out on 2 sheets of paper. Stick them together, then cut around the template. Enlarge the antlers and oval plaque template to A4 size, print and cut out.

Step 2 Flatten the large cardboard box, and place the templates on top. Draw and cut out two heads, one large antler, four smaller antler pieces and one oval plaque.

Step 3 Ask an adult helper to cut slits in all pieces as shown on the templates. Apply a little glue to the slits in the large antler and slot the smaller pieces in place. When dry, attach the antlers to the two reindeer head pieces.

Step 4Draw an eye on each head piece with a black marker pen. Then glue the heads together at the nose and add a red pom pom.

Step 5 When dry, apply a little glue to the slits in the oval plaque, and slot the reindeer head in place.

Step 6 Mount the reindeer head securely on the wall or the back of a door with picture hanging strips.

Had a go? We'd love to see how your new friend turned out! Send us a picture on Facebook.

Craft by: Suzie Attaway


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