Make your own crayon letter picture craft

Create a quirky picture with your kids to hang in their bedroom. Use mix 'n' match colourful crayons for a rainbow look or tone your crayons to match their bedroom theme.

Make an afternoon indoors fun for the kids by getting them to make their own initials, perfect for hanging on their bedroom walls.

They can pick out all their favourite colours and shades to create a letter they'll love, they can even choose the shape of the letter before you print out your template so there's plenty for them to personalise!

Be careful using the glue gun with little people as the end can get very hot, and there's always the risk of glue going rogue and temporarily sticking crafty fingers together!

If you have very young children then we suggest gluing the crayons on for them, or letting them use a glue stick instead. Just remember if you're using a PVA based glue it may not hold the crayons on the back paper for as long as a glue gun will.

They make great gifts for family and friends even for teachers at the end of the term, once you've made one crayon initial you'll be hooked, we were!

You will need



-Cutting board


-Box picture frame

-Hot glue gun

Step 1

Print out the letter you wish to create on the paper, making sure it's the right size for your picture frame. Using a sharp scalpel and a cutting board, cut the crayons to size, leaving a few whole.

Step 2

Before gluing down the crayons, arrange them on the print-out to make sure you're happy with how they look. Ensuring the letter is centred, stick the paper to the back board of the frame to make it rigid.

Step 3

Glue the crayons in place with a hot glue gun. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Put the letter inside the frame and hang.


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