Make these cute funny face flower pots

These cute flower pots will brighten up any garden or living room this spring. Get the whole family involved and see who can draw the funniest face!

The whole family will love getting involved and making these pretty painted flower pots, complete with their own hilarious facial expressions. Our Gemma Chandler shows you how...

If you've got a spare moment on a drizzly weekend afternoon, all you need to keep everyone entertained is to gather the kids together, pick a pot and get painting! Our decorated flower pots craft involves just two simple steps and takes about 40 minutes, including the all important paint drying time.

Best of all, you can mix it up and do whatever you want with the pots. We've painted them white and added a little cactus in each, but you can use whatever size pot and plant, and paint them any colour you like. Try adding glasses, angry faces and any decorating idea you like, maybe even a Harry Potter scar if you want to! The possibilities really are endless.

Time: Takes 40 minutes

You will need:

- 3 flower pots

- White paint

- Pencil

- Black paint pen

Step 1

Paint the outside of a flower pot with white paint. Leave to dry, and apply a second coat.

Step 2

Draw a face onto the side of the pot with a pencil. When you are happy with the design, fill it in with a black paint pen.

Step 3

Leave to dry before popping a plant inside.

Twists: Paint with chalkboard paint and use chalkboard markers to decorate!

Craft by: Suzie Attaway


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