Homemade Christmas wreath

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  • Have you started decorating the house for Christmas yet? Don’t forget to hang a wreath outside your door. It’s going to be the coldest winter for a decade, so why not snuggle up with the kids in front of the fire and make a Christmas wreath together. Here’s our 5-step guide on how to do it…

    Firstly, you’ll need an outline. Grab an old, metal coat hanger and bend into a circle. You can leave the hook on for hanging later or snip it off with some garden cutters.

    Send the kids out into the garden or take a walk down to the park to find some sticks, leaves, pine cones and lots of pine tree sprigs – your little ones will love exploring the outdoors and hunting for specific items. This will be the base layer of the wreath.

    Gather your sticks and twigs together and form into a circle around the coat hanger – if the sticks aren’t flexible, they’re too thick. Next, bind them all together with your string adding a slight twist to help the bunch hold. Build up until about the width of a coffee cup.

    Now for the fun part – it’s time to add some decorations. Glue some red berries, holly leaves, pine cones, colourful leaves, gold stars and ribbon onto the wreath. Be as creative as you want as you can attach almost anything to it!

    Finally, if you didn’t keep the hanger hook, stick two nails into either side of the circle and tie a length of string to them and hang it on your door!

    Fancy something a bit easier? Try our handprint Christmas wreath

    If you don’t have a garden to fetch materials – or just hate the cold – try making a modern wreath with ribbons! Cut different coloured ribbons into lengths of 10cm and individually tie around the coat hanger.