How to give a plain doormat a quick colour makeover

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  • More than likely to be a withstanding essential in our homes, our doormats bring a certain air of brown dullness to our front and back doors… Until now!

    If you’re tired of just the specks of dirt from your shoes bringing the patterns to the floor of your doormat, why not give yours a quick colour makeover and create some new patterns, with this speedy craft.

    Though we have used black and yellow stripes for our doormat design, feel free to use any paint colour of your choice.

    It is best to make this craft using a large floor space to enable plenty of room to get creative!

    You will need

    • Doormat (which you can either buy new or one that you already own)
    • Strong masking tape
    • Newspaper or old sheets
    • Black and yellow spray paint (or any other colour you fancy!)

    To make your new doormat

    Step 1
    Begin to section off diagonal stripes across the doormat using strong masking tape. If you want to do it a slightly different way, you can also go for horizontal or vertical stripes too, which will work the same way.

    Step 2
    Ensure the masking tape reaches all the way to the ends (or fold under) the mat to ensure a flush finish.

    Step 3
    Using either plenty of newspaper or some old sheets, cover the floor you’re working on and ensure that the room is well ventilated before using any paint.

    Step 4
    Give the spray paint a good shake before using, then begin to spray alternate yellow and black stripes along the mat.

    Step 5
    Slowly and carefuly begin removing the tape and allow the paint to dry.

    Now you and your guests (and your shoes) can be welcomed with a patterned difference as they enter your home.

    If you really want a challenge, why not try using your masking tape to print a word on your mat, such as ‘Welcome’ or ‘Home’.

    Craft by: Suzie Attaway