How to draw a crab

Learning how to draw crabs is so easy when you know how

How to draw a crab

Learning how to draw crabs is so easy when you know how

If your child is a doodler, why not teach them how to draw crabs and other animals with our step-by-step picture guides? We all love getting the art supplies out for a bit of fun, so why not turn a craft afternoon into an arty masterclass.

Once your child can draw simple shapes, like circles, rectangles, and triangles, it’s so easy to draw any animal they choose. With our crab drawing tutorial, a couple of circles, straight lines and zigzags are all your child needs to draw their own little crustacean.

Love crafting crabs? Make this rock pool from an egg box, complete with a pipe-cleaner crab.

So get out the colouring pencils and have some fun! Once you've mastered this, try our how to draw a butterfly or elephant drawing tutorial.

You will need:

  • Colouring pens, pencils or crayons
  • Paper

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How to draw a crab:

1. Begin by drawing a big oval or circle shape in the middle of your piece of paper. We’ve drawn our crab in bright orange felt tip pen but you might want to start with a pencil until you build up confidence.

Draw the crab body

2. Draw a pair of arms on the top of the crab’s body and top with a pair of claws. To draw the claws, draw a semi-circle and then complete the circle with a pair of zigzags to form the pincers.

Draw the crab claws

3. On the bottom of the crab’s body, draw a total of six legs. For each leg, draw two lines, ending at an angle with a point.

Draw the crab legs

4. With a black pen, draw on two eyes at the top of the crab’s body. Or, if you have some googly eyes in your craft stash then stick those on instead to give your crab some added animation.

Eyes in black pen

5. You can either leave the crab as just an outline or complete your drawing by colouring in the body and legs with a bold orange pen, pencil, or crayon.

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