How to make a cloud pinboard

A pinboard doesn't need to be boring, simply add a little character to it. This fun cloud-shaped board is perfect for your favourite photos and any important reminders...

Work doesn't have to be boring! Brighten up your study area with this fun cloud-shaped pinboard. You'll finally have a place for all of your fave family photos and important reminders. Our Gemma Chandler shows you how...

This is the perfect family activity for a rainy Sunday afternoon - the kids will absolutely love getting messy with the paint (you definitely won't want to wear your best clothes for this one!). All you'll need is a cork sheet, raindrop template, acetate and some paint, as well as a mere half an hour of your time, to transform your boring pinboard into something a lot more spectacular!

Why stop at clouds? Make your pinboard into a funky speech bubble shape, or a super cute heart, following the same steps that we've already given you. Now you have no excuses - your desk never has to look dull again!

Time: 30 minutes

You will need:

- Raindrop template (download here)

- Large cork sheet

- Saucer & side plates

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Acetate

- Craft knife

- Pale blue paint


Step 1

Use saucers and side plates of different sizes to help draw a cloud shape on a large sheet of cork. When you are happy with the shape, cut out the cork cloud and set aside.

Step 2

Print the raindrop template onto a sheet of acetate. Carefully cut out the raindrops with a craft knife.

Step 3

Pour a little paint onto a saucer and dip the sponge in. Place the stencil on the cork cloud and gently sponge the paint over the cut out raindrops. Lift the stencil, and move along to repeat the design. When the cork cloud is completely decorated, leave to dry.

Step 4

Hang the cloud pinboard on the wall using self-adhesive picture hanging strips.

Craft by: Suzie Attaway


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