How to make a face mask without sewing

Can’t get hold of a facemask? Make your own with just a bandana and a pair of hair ties with this simple no-sew solution.

Can’t get hold of a face mask? Make your own with just a bandana and a pair of hair ties with this simple no-sew solution.

Need to go on a shopping trip to the supermarket? Want more protection when you head out for some exercise during lockdown? If, like the rest of us, you’re struggling to purchase a face mask, there’s an easy way to make your own version with some bits and bobs you have lying around the house. Just follow our step-by-step bandana face mask instructions to help you feel safer when you’re out and about.

We’ve created our homemade face mask with a bandana, but any square of tightly woven cotton would be suitable. For a more comfortable version, try cutting up an old cotton t-shirt instead, it will be just as effective.

For added safety, slip a coffee or HEPA vacuum filter in between the layers of fabric.

After every wear, remove the filter if you’ve used one and make sure to wash the mask at a high temperature with detergent.

To make this face mask you will need:

  • One cotton bandana
  • Two hair ties
  • Coffee filter or HEPA vacuum filter (optional)

How to make a face mask:

1. Wash your bandana at a high temperature, allow to dry and press on high to remove any creases.

2. Fold the bandana in half.

how to make a face mask

3. Fold the top third of the bandana down.

how to make a face mask

4. Then fold the bottom third over the top.

how to make a face mask

5. Slide the two hair ties on either end of the bandana until they are about 15cm apart.

6. Fold the sides of the bandana in.

7. Tuck one end inside the other to secure. Loop the hair ties around your ears and spread the bandana over your nose and mouth. It should be tight but comfortable and breathable.

If you have some spare bandanas or fabrics, why not make a couple extra and send to family, friends and neighbours who might be in need of one?

Esme Clemo
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