How to make pretty paper fans

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  • Always wanted to know how to make a fan? Well you've come to the right place.

    These vibrant fans make gorgeous paper decorations for your home – try hanging along a hallway or brightening up place settings – and of course, they’ll keep you cool (and effortlessly stylish, at the same time) during the summer months.

    We used some good-quality, brightly-coloured wrapping paper from a craft store to make our fans, but you can use any paper you like to make these summer fan-cies!

    Using just some paper and a pair of lollipop sticks make these fans one of our cheapest ever projects at GoodtoKnow, but they look so pretty displayed on a summer day that no one will ever guess that they cost so little.

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    You will need:

    – Patterned gift wrap – Ruler
    – Pencil
    – Craft knife – Thin wire
    – Scissors – Double sided tape – Lollipop sticks – String

    Step 1

    Measure and cut a 20 x 48cm length of paper from a sheet of patterned gift wrap. Score at 2cm intervals along the length, then fold in an accorcian style.

    Step 2

    Bind the middle of the folded paper with a small piece of wire. Snip the ends in a triangle or scallop shape with scissors.

    Step 3

    Allow the fan to open in a bow shape. Bring 2 sides together and stick with some double sided tape. Stick a craft stick to each of the other sides of the fan. Tie the fan handles together with a piece of string.

    Craft by: Suzie Attaway