How to make a paper rose

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  • Learn how to make a paper rose with out simple¬†papercraft. These pretty flowers are so simple to make, even for younger children. They’ll love seeing a strip of card transform into a delicate paper rose in just seconds.

    As they’re so quick and easy to do you could make a whole bunch with your little one to give to someone as a present, simple stick each one to the end of a green pipe cleaner to make them look like a posy of pretty flowers. Tie them up with ribbon and attach a tag for a crafty and unique gift for teachers or loved ones.

    There are plenty of other ways to use pretty paper flowers, too. Stick a variety of them to old headbands for a fun take on the floral headband trend, or for an addition to a dress-up bridesmaid outfit.

    Because they’re just made of card they won’t last forever but they’re so simple and inexpensive to make you can always make some more when you fancy! If you really want yours to last much longer you could try laminating the spiral of card before cutting it out. That way it won’t get tattered around the edges. You may have to staple it at the end, instead of glue, if the glue you’re using won’t stick to the plastic.

    For your paper roses you will need

    -Coloured paper



    Step 1

    Draw a spiral onto coloured paper and carefully cut out. If you’re making these with very young children remember to use safety scissors, or to help them at the very start when the spiral is tight and harder to snip round.

    Step 2

    Starting at the outside edge, roll up, then hold in place with a blob of glue. You may have to hold for a few moments while the glue initially bonds to the card, or you can leave them join side down, with a small weight on the edge you’ve glued to keep it all neatly together, and to create a firm seal.