How to make face mask with a sock

Can’t get hold of a face-mask? Make one out of a sock instead with just a pair of scissors

Ever wondered why you always had one sock left over from doing your laundry? Well now you do with this smart solution. Rather than throw the odd sock out, repurpose it into a stylish sock face mask.

This is the simplest face mask tutorial because all you need is a pair of scissors and a single sock. What could be easier? With just a couple of snips and folds, a sock is transformed into a face mask that can be worn when out and about.This is even easier than our guide on how to make a face mask with a bandana and hair ties. 

For added safety, a thicker sock could be used following the same instructions. We’ve used a bright and bold floral sock, something to cheer up the passers by as you social distance on the street on in the supermarket.

With this make, the bigger the sock, the bigger the face mask. So the general rule is, if the sock fits your foot, it should fit your face. Or, you can adjust where you position the ear loops depending on how large you’d like your mask to be.

Always cover the entirety of your nose and mouth with the sock face mask. Remember to wash thoroughly on a hot wash with detergent after every use.

To make a face mask with a sock you will need:

  • One sock
  • Scissors

How to make a face mask from a sock:

1. Fold the sock in half and cut off the toe and ankle sections.

2. Open up the sock and cut down the edge opposite to the heel.

3. Fold the sock in half again and cut into the heel’s edge by about two thirds and about 2cm from the ends.

4. Open out the sock completely and trim off the corners into curves.

5. Loop the cut outs around your ears and cover your nose and mouth with the rest of the sock. The heel should fit snugly over your nose.

Esme Clemo
Craft Writer

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