How to make paper snowflakes: Get our FREE templates!

Create your own festive window display using our three fantastic snowflake template designs and teach the kids how to make a paper snowflakes

How to make paper snowflakes

Learning how to make paper snowflakes is so easy, a couple of snips with your scissors and you’ll have your own unique set of decorations to hang around your home this Christmas.

It’s a great project to get kids crafting too, especially when you need an activity to keep them occupied during the holidays. Check out more Christmas craft ideas to keep your tots entertained in the run-up to the big day.

After you and your kids have cut out lots of lovely paper snowflakes, get them to hold their snowflake template up against the window and spray fake snow over the top. When you take the snowflake template away, you’ll be left with a pretty snowflake design on the window.

Follow our step-by-step picture tutorial and video to make paper snowflakes from plain white printer paper. Simply fold up the paper and start snipping to make the best budget-friendly Christmas decorations.

Don’t have any plain white paper? Don't worry! Our instructions can be applied to all sorts of craft papers, try it with tissue paper and old Christmas wrapping paper. And why not create a Christmas paper chain with whatever paper you have leftover?

For something extra special, brush glue onto your finished snowflakes and top with glitter to see them shimmer. If your little ones love all things sparkle, why not make a glitter jar to help them relax through the holidays when they need some downtime from all the festive excitement?

To make paper snowflakes you will need:

  • A square piece of white paper
  • Small scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon

For similar craft supplies, try Wilko.

How to make paper snowflakes:

1. Fold the piece of square white paper in half along the diagonal, and then fold again to form a triangle.

Fold the paper snowflakes in half

2. Divide the triangle into thirds, folding the left and right sides over the centre.

To make paper snowflakes fold the paper into thirds

3. Then trim the point from the bottom so the folded paper resembles a triangle.

Cut the bottom off the paper snowflakes

4. Now it’s time to get creative and cut out your snowflake. You can create whatever pattern you want but start with straight lines before trying out curves as they’re easier to master.

Make paper snowflakes by cutting your design into the folded paper

5. Once you’ve finished cutting out your snowflake, unfold the paper gently to reveal the pattern.

Unfold the paper snowflakes

6. Then use a hole punch on the top of the paper snowflakes and then thread with red ribbon. Repeat to create a collection of snowflakes to hang on your windows or walls.

Make a hole in the top of the paper snowflakes

Need some inspiration for how to cut your snowflakes? Print off these templates before folding them up and snipping out the designs.

Make paper snowflakes with these template designs to print:

Print out our traditional snowflake template design

Try out our diamond snowflake template design

Or our star snowflake template design


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