How to make scented play dough fruit

This tutti-frutti smelling play dough is perfect for playing shop

This sweet smelling play dough recipe will provide hours of fun, and is perfect as a quick afternoon activity for children around five to seven-years-old.

Little ones will love squashing and squishing the colourful dough into pretty shapes and they can then turn the fruit into the ideal stock for a make believe shop. The only limit is their imagination, and we're sure they're not short of that.

Make up a few batches of our basic play dough recipe and keep it in airtight tubs, ready to make into this tutti frutti spectacular, for moments in the day when the little ones could do with an activity to tire them out.

When you're next out and about don't forget to ask your children to collect leaves and sticks for the stems of their fruit. It'll make them look so much more life-like.

And once you've had a go at this fun craft don't forget to send us a picture on our Facebook page. We love to see everything you've been up to.

You will need

  • Orange, green, red and pink play dough

  • Fruit essence

  • Leaves and twigs

Step 1

Make up batches of orange, light green, pink and red play dough following the basic recipe and then adding a few drops of colouring to each.

Step 2

Add a couple of drops of orange essence to the orange play dough, lemon to the yellow play dough, and so on. Knead the playdough well to make sure the colours and scents are nicely mixed and evenly distributed.

Step 3

Next is the fun part. Let the kids go wild moulding the play dough into different fruit shapes, and get them to add their green leaves and stalks to finish off their masterpiece.

Had a go at this play dough fruit craft with the kids? Let us know how you got on in the comments section below.

Craft: Suzie Attaway

Rosie Conroy
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